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Old April 12, 2010, 11:40 PM
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Default MacGruber Video Contest

I'm producing a 90-second short for Tongal's MacGruber video contest (http://bit.ly/bjyoiR) and I would love to have other company members involved. Iím currently casting several parts and looking for a camera person who could help with editing and special effects. Everyone involved would need to be available the 24th or 25th of this month for a few hours during the day. I also need a trailer or small house to film in front of, so if you could provide this type of location please let me know. And it would be really awesome if you would be willing not to mow until after the video shoot so it can look overgrown.

To help keep costs down, if you could provide any of the following props, please e-mail me:

A whole bunch of mullet wigs
White or cream fishermanís vests- 1 for an adult male and 1 for a child
Paintball gun
Paintball protective padding
Old set of outdoor Christmas lights that you no longer need
Lawn chair
Martini Glass
Pregnancy padding

These are the roles I still need to cast:
Robert E. Lee MacGruber, MacGruberís Dad
Stonewall Jackson MacGruber, MacGruberís Younger Brother (Must be willing to be shot with a paintball gun)
Documentary Camera Man (Can be male or female)
Documentary Production Assistant (Can be male or female but this character does get tackled)

Unfortunately this a volunteer gig for the time being, but you may end up being famous on the interweb and Iíll be providing free pizza and drinks during the shoot. If the video does win a big cash prize, I will make sure everyone involved is compensated. If you want to come on board with this, let me know and we can discuss the project further.

Thank you,

"Let me entertain you, let me make you smile. I can do a few tricks. Some old and then some new tricks- I'm very versatile!" -Gypsy
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