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Zach July 15, 2006 05:12 PM

MISTER DIPLOMAT | Weekly schedule

"Each week Mister Diplomat brings in a local celebrity to tell interesting anecdotes from his or her life, which the performers then use for material. The combination of personal history and off-the-wall comedy makes for entertainment that is easily more engrossing than any movie or television show. By the end, the performers had me in tears." - The Independent

Jimmie "JJ" Walker (DY-NO-MITE), Mark Jacobson (Mark Jacobson Toyota), Maddy Curley (Actor- Disney's Stick It), Douglas Sarine (AskaNinja.com), Daniel Wallace (Author- Tim Burton's Big Fish), Sarah Dessen (Author- Mandy Moore's How to Deal), Charna Halpern (Author- Truth in Comedy, Art by Committee), Terry Milner (Actor, Executive Director- North Carolina Theatre Conference), Roger Stancil (Town Manager, Chapel Hill), Andrew O'Neal (Owner- Chapel Hill Comics), Mike Maher (Owner- Wootini.com),



DSI Comedy Theater proudly announces that it will be featuring a weekly rotation of North Carolina's finest improv talent for Mister Diplomat. New performers will join the core cast to play Diplomat each week. Look for announcements each Wednesday.


Zach July 15, 2006 05:16 PM

Diplomat submission:

Do you know someone who would make a fun Diplomat monologist from the local community? Are you that someone? Email diplomat@dsicomedytheater.com and let us know how to make contact so we can schedule a date.

Thank you.

Zach December 11, 2006 12:56 PM

Coming December 15th

Diplomat welcomes The Never. The band will tell personal stories and anecdotes and possibly offer a VH1 storytellers vibe providing insight into their music and "what they were thinking" -- Recently featured on MTV's The Real World -- Check out The Never locally at DSI.


Diplomat (Zach Ward, Jeremy Griffin, Jason Curtis, and Chris Conklin) will feature improv guests Jason Quinn and Jonah Garson on December 15th.

Zach December 11, 2006 01:02 PM

Coming December 22nd

Mister Diplomat has not confirmed a monologist for the 22nd. Look for this to change by the weekend. However, we couldn't wait to announce that Dan Sipp, iO South Artistic Director and Teacher for the Raleigh Training Center, will be improvising along with the core Diplomat cast (Zach Ward, Jason Curtis, and Chris Conklin --Griffin will be in Sunny Florida). This will be a great opportunity to check out the local community (and we can play Murder afterwards).


Zach December 13, 2006 09:09 AM

December 22nd Diplomat guest...

Alex Zaffron, Alderman for the Town of Carrboro. Alex was a vocal community leader on the Madison trip earlier this Fall who can sometimes be seen hanging out at the OCSC after shows.

Zach December 21, 2006 05:30 PM

Dec 31st - NEW YEAR'S EVE

Diplomat welcomes MARK JACOBSON and JENNY NICHOLSON to the stage.

Mark Jacobson makes a return trip to the DSI Comedy Theater (after a year of the hard sell in Durham we look forward to hard comedy in Carrboro). Jenny is a Copywriter for McKinney and Author for the recent Travelocity Replacement-gnome campaign featuring our own Jason Quinn. Jenny has recently joined the ComedySportz ensemble at the DSI Comedy Theater. We will hear about Travelocity, how creative ideas meeting the swords of Ad Execs at Sony, and her previous hot pursuit of a Masters in Social Work. Ya heard?!

See Mark Jacobson online here:

Read the Dirty South Travelocity Gnome article:

See Jenny online here:
http://dienu.com/ (and here):

Zach December 21, 2006 05:35 PM

January 5th, 930PM

Diplomat welcomes the sounds of Bombadil



Originally Posted by 30music
Like any good athlete, one needs an internal drive, some sort of clear burning imaged focused in the brain-locked cavities of the skull, pressing onward, begging the feet to strum and the arms to claw the air like a wild creature. A good band is a good athlete, striving to be in that place just an odd mile off, kinda waving in the pressing heat and sun-stroked grass.

So what makes Bombadil a particularly great athlete? It can’t be the “umberpillar” pictured on the front, a creation only Bryan Rahija, Stuart Robinson, John Michalak, and Daniel Michalak could’ve conjured up from the deepest childhood discrepancies. Or, rather, what makes Bombadil a band, for that matter? Again, umberpillar aside, these jangly tunes coalescing into summertime fun seem a bit too cheerful to not be a figment of some dream, some piece left over from a recently devoured dimension centered entirely around candy.

Thing is, Bombadil are a real band. A real, live, jokingly cutesy and creatively aligned band, arranged around the basic principles of songcraft. Mixing Sgt. Pepper's-era Beatles, Of Montreal, and a sprinkle of Able Tasmans, this release offers plenty of pure, sweetened joy in quick sonic packages.

“Jellybean Wine” is a long forgotten nursery rhyme. About hangovers. It also happens to be one of the catchiest tunes to drive by this wayside. All pop, no filler, and absolutely sunny at that; soft keys walk about the harmonized vocals, bouncing into full swing with rubbery bass notes and synth-based orchestration. Meanwhile, “Sinister Side” is a direct send-off to Hunk Dory-era Bowie, twinkling with each quirky call-and-response chorus, a sing-song style nearly parodied on later track “Tall Grass” – almost too much, given previous exposure to such sweetness.

“La Paz,” like any great closer, slows things down a touch for some kiss-laden grooves, a sparse piano line echoes across the rumblings of bass and light twinkling plinks of splashing cymbals, and the lines “I want to crawl in the ocean / want to swim in the street / til both my knees are broken / til I skin my padded feet” sounds strangely palatable.

Hopefully this hasn’t read as pampering: Bombadil have the goods to make what they will of the attention they’ll receive. A determined band goes far, and with tunes this well-crafted, honed, and polished, these four deserve it all. Look out for Bombadil - they hold amazing promise for a band just so tiny.

See/hear Bombadil online here:
http://myspace.com/bombadil (and here):

Zach December 21, 2006 05:44 PM

December 29th, 930PM

Diplomat welcomes Erik Martin, DSI family, brainchild of BeDirty.com and current Digital Master of Palm Pictures. The last time he shared True Stories the audience seemed both amazed and scared. Machete, anyone?!

See Erik online here:
http://www.bedirty.com/ (and here):

Zach January 29, 2007 01:04 PM

Man, the past month of Diplomat guests has been truly amazing.

12/31 Mark Jacobson and Jenny Nicholson
1/5 Bombadil
1/12 Geoff Gilson (watch9.blogspot.com)
1/19 Tift Merritt
1/26 Big Fat Gap

Friday Feb. 2nd At The DSI Comedy Theater

Diplomat welcomes Clay Buckner, the Man behind the fiddle for the Red Clay Ramblers. Pictured below with Bland Simpson at The Artscenter, Clay has toured the world with the Red Clay Ramblers (purely coincidental name). He will be sharing some amazing stories with Diplomat on Friday night and will be bringing his fiddle for a special musical act.



Zach January 29, 2007 03:35 PM

Please forward to EVERYONE you know ($8 tickets online):

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