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Zach December 6, 2013 01:37 PM

Female Writers Wanted - Reductress.com
This was sent from a friend of a comedy friend in New York.


Write for Reductress!

Reductress.com, the one and only fake women's magazine, is looking for new writers as we gear up to relaunch this winter. We hope for our site to be a platform for talented female comedy writers and to fuel the growing trend of female-driven comedy (men are also welcome to submit if interested).

If you are interested in writing for Reductress, please follow the guidelines below.

Send an email to intern@reductress.com with your name, 10-15 headline/article pitches, and "DSI WRITING SUBMISSION" in the subject line. Each of your pitches should include the following:

* Proposed Headline (Please try to work the joke/hook/idea into this headline)
* Brief Story Description (Please keep to under 50 words)
* Proposed Story Type/Length (List, Slideshow, Short 100-150 word piece, Long 200-350 word piece, Headline/Tweet only)

If we like one of your pitches, we'll ask you to write it up to be featured on Reductress.com.

Reductress does not currently pay any of its writers but you will receive credit on the site.

Joshua Lucas September 12, 2016 12:14 AM

Bumping this post so the first page of the forums doesn't cryptically mention something that gets truncated to "The Black-Jew..."


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