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Zach March 22, 2006 11:16 AM

Directing Improv Books $20

proudly sponsored by DSI Comedy Theater

Asaf Ronen's guide will soon become THE resource to helping directors of improvisational theater bring their best work to any show, and insightful coaching to any ensemble. Draft manuscripts have been floating around since early 2005, but the book has recently been released by YESand.com Publishing in partnership with DSI.

About the Book

Directing Improv establishes a vocabulary for improvisational direction to help directors and teachers better aide their troupes, their students and themselves. The book contains examples from varying schools and philosophies and interviews with such respected improv luminaries as Armando Diaz, Michael Gellman, Kevin Mullaney, Mick Napier, Dan O'Connor, Shira Piven, Gary Schwartz, Todd Stashwick and many more.

About the Author

Asaf Ronen has been involved in improv since 1990. He is the creator and editor-in-chief of YESand.com, a website devoted to improvisation. His directing and teaching credits include numerous venues throughout New York City, appearances at several festivals nationally and working with Cirque du Soleil as a talent scout.

About the DSI and YESand.com relationship

"An immense amount of gratitude go to Dirty South Improv, a growing company dedicated to the art of improvisation, who helped make the launch of this book possible. It is with great honor that I feature their logo on the back cover. I hope there is more that YESand and DSI can create in the future."

The book is now available for sale at the DSI Comedy Theater.
Cost: $20 (includes sales tax)

oldsophomore March 22, 2006 11:22 PM

Congratulations to Asaf and DSI. What a wonderful venture this is.

The Other John March 22, 2006 11:56 PM

I read the sample chapter on YesAnd.com and ordered it. Looks like it'll be very useful.

Zach March 23, 2006 12:10 AM

Read an excerpt from the book on YESand.com

Zach November 8, 2006 11:31 AM

Support Your Local Comedy.
Buy the book Friday night.
Have it signed by the Author.

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