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Alex Wilson March 1, 2014 11:56 AM

Stage Combat Workshop at the end of March
Crossposted here from our Sketch 101 thread:

If you want to study stage combat in the area, SAFD's Jeff A R Jones in Raleigh is a best bet. SAFD (Society of American Fight Directors) runs a handful of national, annual weekend workshops, the closest (location-wise) of which is about 3.5 hours from Carrboro at the end of March: Virginia Beach Bash.

More info here: http://www.regent.edu/acad/schcom/students/beach_bash/

I went for the first time last year (as a relative newbie) and it was a blast. I hope to make it an annual tradition. It's also one of the few SAFD workshops where there's any emphasis on film (but if you're only interested in the stage, there's plenty of sessions which focus on that). Swords, unarmed, beginner, whatever.

Pass it along. And let me know if you have any questions, want to carpool, etc.

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