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July 29, 2004, 03:07 PM
These days most Americans are all caught up in the heating battle of who will become our newest President, and of things are (are not) progressing in Irag.

"Good & Plenty" is a movie that shows us of how easy it is to go on with our lives. At times, as your watching, you think to yourself, "Could there be such a thing as Candy being good for you? The movie answers yes, in more than one way.

Yet, this movie isn't even about Candy, it's about people. The Human Condition at it's best. The simplicity of dating and flirting, and making us remember of how flirting feels.

"Good & Plenty", directed by Eric Martin, a well known cinematic hero to those in Hollywood and just around street alleys, blended a simple idea based off of a thought that he and many other well known actors had.

Martin, a regular performer for Dirty South Improv, is best well known for his epic masterpiece, "To Burn The Hairs With", starring Natalie Pierce.

After much trial and tribulation (and Spider-Man watching), Martin realized that with his great power, there too would come a slight chance of responsibilty.

Soon holding auditions for camera men to work on his projects and hiring DSI Performers to be in the Picture, the ball started to roll, but this was no ordinary ball, this ball was made of fire.

Much Press swooped around Martin's newest project. And for good reason. During the second week shooting, Martin was seen at a local Harris Teeter in Chapel Hill, yelling at Jon Karpinos, during the shoot for the "Over Loaded Mouth, G&P scene". Karpinos, a well respected Presidential Candidate said nothing of the incident except that he quote, "Was trying to play it real, and EM was having a bad day".

Soon after this, another incident occured that held back filming for 3 days! A closed set was created at Martin's House for the final few scenes for G&P, when DSI Executive Producer, Zach Ward (Finger Flirtation Scene) busted through security to grab his quote, "Palm Pilot that he lost".

After a police investigation that took nearly 3 days, the Pilot was found in Diana Chang's (Jogging Girl) Trailer, along with the Pilot found, there was also a shrine dedicated to Ward, and a poster of his face with lip stick on Ward's mouth.

Finally, filming was done, the Press lost interest, and "Good & Plenty" premiered in Martin's Home in NC to Family and friends.

Nearly everyone has seen G&P at least twice since it's opening night and the fan base at bedirty.com as hit an all time high.

The Actors in the film also have caught Hollywood's eye. Austin Nava and Ethan K have been seen together drinking coffee in NYC, Nava is reported to be working on a new movie, "This Boy's Life 2".

Diana Chang and Callie Peck can been seen in the new musical, "Spring Is But A Wet Werd", premiering next Christmas in NYC.

"Good and Plenty" is a movie that deserves no score for greatest. It's an achievement in the eyes of all Americans, and will become a treasured love for the newest Generation of Candy lovers.

When talking with Martin via Smoke Signal's last week, I asked him of what his next Dirty Pictures film would be about? He simply replied, "Its about food, relationships and I'm sorry, but my arms are getting tired".

GOOD AND PLENTY: Directed by Eric Martin. Produced by Dirty Pictures. Starring: Ethan K, Diana Chang, Austin Nava, Zach Ward, Zack Bly, Jon Karpinos, Callie Peck. Special Appeareance's by Lisa Palmisano, Eric Martin.