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February 24, 2016, 02:07 AM

The following are the DSICo performing casts for the Spring/Summer 2016 season.

Regular stage time (Natural Selection, The Jam, Duets, INDY 5000, etc.) will continue to be made available for improv community members and active DSI Company, regardless of casting.

New Team Rehearsals start the week of Sunday 2/28 and Monday 2/29.

Next Company Meeting Sunday 3/20 530PM-7PM (FREE FOOD and Murder)

DSICo Drop-in Classes: For active company not on a performing cast this Season and performing cast members who are interested in additional development, we will continue scheduled weekly Drop-Ins every Saturday 1030AM-1230PM. These are $10 for the public.

The Jam hosting for the Spring/Summer will move to a rotation (BELOW) of casts/themes.

Our Standup Corps will be announced over the next few days.

If you ever have any questions, please let me know.

Indy Teams should update the theater now (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1fqeiqtmpvPKCqtDlj7cQxH4sHjFXfMJn0VV1vHf3-s0/viewform) on availability, active coach and rehearsal status. We want to keep active teams in mind for INDY 5000 and CageMatch (COMING SOON). Actively rehearsing teams with active DSICo cast are able to reserve space for rehearsals as available.


Wildcard, TourCo/Thrill (SUNDAYS 5PM-7PM)
Player/Director: Zach Ward
Assistant Directors: Emily Holland and Amy Allen
Tech Director: Kit FitzSimons
Brian Sutorius
Brandon Holmes
Kit FitzSimons
Vinny Valdivia
Amy Allen
Rose Werth
Kori Robins
Dan DeSalva
Emily Holland
Josh Rowsey
Jackie O'Shaugnessy
Jake Ratliff

Shortform INCS: Code Orange (MONDAYS 7PM-9PM)
Director: Emily Holland
Justin McNeil
Jess Bowers
Bryce Bowden
Sam Adams
Alex Lowrie
Wilson Jacobs
Thomas Holloman
PT Scarborough
Joe Moore
Christy Jones
Chris Bird
Meagen Voss
Dale Lohrey

** SF INCS will be the cast members for Family Improv and may perform in League Night monthly. SF INCS will also have a once monthly Jam requirement to practice games worked on in rehearsals.


HAROLD: Mavis Beacon Rides (SUNDAYS 12PM-2PM)
Director: Jack Reitz
John Fowler
Alex Hofford
Matt Lyles
James McMahon
Tara Regan
Sean Williams
+ Alan Wilder
+ Jennifer Tomforde
+ Bianca Casusol (until NYC)

HAROLD: Guest Blanket (SUNDAYS 12PM-2PM)
Directors: Shane Ryan
Mentor Director: Zach Ward
Sam Di
Katherine Goacher
Meredith Cheetam
Tom Honeycutt
Joe Beaudin
Hudson Belinsky
Alex Lowrie
Whitney Baker
Eric Grosskurth

Longform INCS: 3DPRINTER (SUNDAYS 230-430PM)
Director: Eric Grosskurth
Mentor Director: Davis Tate
Ariana Eily
Kelly McGrath
Andrew Gleason
Cristina Fernandez
Michael King
Kara Phelps
Max Leung
Brad Taylor
Rodney Futrell


Director: Zach Ward
Vinny Valdivia
Brandon Holmes
Kit FitzSimons

* Black Ops would perform 2-3 times per month during middle slots.

Director: Bianca Casusol
Alasdair Wilkins
Jonny Waldes
Charlotte Laun

* Wait/What would be a short-run mono scene project for League Night middle slots, rehearsing through April and performing monthly (March, April, May) as long as members are available.

Riot! (SUNDAYS 1230PM-2PM)
Director: Ashley Melzer
Bryce Bowden
Josh Rowsey

* Riot would be a company supported duet project for League Night middle slots, rehearsing weekly and performing monthly.

Player/Director: Rose Werth
Rap Coach: Kit FitzSimons
Vinny Valdivia (Player/Beatbox)
Philip Ross (Beatbox)
Craig Carter
Rose Werth
Josh Rowsey
Dan DeSalva
Kit FitzSimons
+ Emily Holland
+ Kimberly Hirsh
+ Wil Heflin
+ Joe Moore
+ Jackie O'Shaugnessy

Director: Brian Sutorius
Davis Tate
Shane Smith
Kyla Taylor
Chloe Tuck
Alex James
+ Arthur Vargas
+ Whitney Jewett
+ Shane Ryan
+ Jonathan Yeomans

Player/Director: Brandon Holmes
Mentor Director: Zach Ward
Andy Lavender
Amy Allen
Jack Reitz
Andrew Aghapour
Zach Ward
Bianca Casusol (until NYC)
+ Brandon Holmes
+ Hillary Nicholas
+ Brian Sutorius


LADIES NIGHT (First Fridays 7pm)
Producers: Rose Werth and Lauren Faber

THE JAM (Fridays 11pm)
Rotating Producers with weekly schedule every two months:
Emily Holland + Sam Adams: Shortform Incs monthly anchor slot
Kit FitzSimons & Josh Rowsey / Versus: Short set + Rap games and Versus-style scenes
Sutorius / Stranger Danger: Short set + Date-inspired scenes and "dating" games
Jack Reitz + Jess Bowers: Monthly "Natural Selection" longform jam
Emily Holland + Sam Adams: Shortform Incs monthly anchor slot
Vinny / Rose / Nick White: Short FCC set + Musical games/scenes with piano backup
Zach Ward + Amy Allen: TourCo anchor slot takeover for all volunteer games
Hillary Nicholas + Jess Bowers: Monthly "Natural Selection" longform jam
^ This schedule subject to change, but a great start to create a more dynamic Improv Jam.

INDY 5000 (Monthly, Thursdays 7pm)
Co-Producers: Kimberly Hirsh and Hudson Belinksy
Teams: The FCC, Improvised Whedon Co, Support Group, Brad's Basement

SPELLING BEE (Monthly-ish, Fridays 7pm)
Producers: Kit FitzSimons and TBA (ISO Wordy Nerd)

Duets (Monthly-ish, Fridays 7pm)
Producers: TBA, Looking for a pair to run the monthly show.

League Night (Thursdays 830pm)
Producer: Zach Ward, Looking for a DUO production team by mid-April
830pm-9pm (Host Bits) Harold Team // 910pm-955pm 3-Act rotation: (Host Bits) SF INCS, LF INCS, BLACK OPS, WAITWHAT, Jack&Zach, PTSIAM, Standup Corps, Etc. // 10pm-1030pm: Harold Team


** Harold Teams will debut on Thursday 3/3 830pm

** League Night schedules for March and April will be set this week. If you are interested in hosting or doing anything during LN over the next couple months, let me know anytime.

** Current Wildcard casts will play as scheduled on 3/5 and 3/12

** Final Shows for current "Weekend Show" casts will be the second weekend of March. This means that the current Stranger Danger cast should be scheduled for the first two March dates to anchor those shows, even though they will have moved to Saturday starting next week.


If you didn't get cast for this season, or if you did not get cast on the show or team you were hoping for, don't give up. Talk to me. Talk to your teachers and directors at the theater. Make plans to make this season about your own development and make stuff. Create an indie team and do shows. There are spaces. Do shows. Make sure I know about them. Remind me when you're doing good work and you want to show off. I'll want to see. Volunteer to produce shows to break the seal. Get in the booth! Train to tech and get involved in show production. Be an AMAZING tech and producer for other shows and you will be noticed. Turn that into good will and create relationships with people who want to play with YOU.

If you wanted to be on stage more, or cast in more projects, Do it!

Indy Teams should update the theater now (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1fqeiqtmpvPKCqtDlj7cQxH4sHjFXfMJn0VV1vHf3-s0/viewform) on availability, active coach and rehearsal status. We want to keep active teams in mind for INDY 5000 and CageMatch. Actively rehearsing teams with majority active DSICo cast are able to reserve space for rehearsals as available.