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August 24, 2015, 03:39 PM

The following are the DSICo performing casts for the Fall/Winter season.

Regular opportunities for stage time (Natural Selection, The Jam, INDY 5000) will continue to be made available for improv community members and active DSI Company Members, regardless of casting.

Longform Incs and Harold Incs will continue to perform Starting Block monthly. These performers will be encouraged to take advantage of INDY 5000 shows as teams and Natural Selection as individual performers. In fact, Inc teams will rotate as hosts of our monthly Natural Selection shows.

Harold Night will feature 2 teams performing weekly Thursdays 830pm.

Harold Teams will continue to rotate as hosts and headliners for Starting Block shows.

The Thrill (TourCo) and BEST SHOW EVER will rotate Fridays 830pm with ImproVStandup.

Pork will be replaced with a hip-hop inspired improv show "Versus" which debuts Saturday October 3, 10pm. This will be our third FREE 10pm improv show presented by the theater.

PRIMETIME will be a booked headliner standup showcase every Saturday at 830pm.

Humor Games will be replaced with Wildcard for the Fall/Winter season, a revamped fast-paced non-competitive family-friendly shortform show.

Our new Standup Corps will be writing weekly for a monthly showcase at a new show called Chuckle Bucket. No joke. One comic headlines, the rest of the order will be pulled from the bucket.

New Team Rehearsals start the week of Sunday 8/30 and Monday 8/31.

Next Company Meeting Sunday 9/6 7PM-830PM, FREE FOOD (and Murder)

DSICo Drop-in Classes: For active company members not on a performing cast this Season and performing cast members who are interested in additional development, we have started to schedule Drop-Ins every Saturday starting Sept. 12th. These will cost $10 per class but will be FREE for active company members.

The Jam hosting for the Fall/Winter will move to a rotation of Wildcard and TourCo cast members. If you are passionate about The Jam and would like to be included, let us know.

Our TourCo cast will be announced in the next week once commitments are made and a rehearsal schedule has been set.

If you ever have any questions, please let me know.

The next show submission deadline will be Nov 15, for Jan-March 2016. Let us know how we can help you work on projects for the next submission deadline. (Show Submissions Online (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1S-JiCeIfFuSNjSGCujYSUxOInL-eeRUBAMNsjCbI_Y8/viewform))

Indy Teams should update the theater now (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1fqeiqtmpvPKCqtDlj7cQxH4sHjFXfMJn0VV1vHf3-s0/viewform) on current availability, active coach and rehearsal status. We want to keep active teams in mind for INDY 5000 and CageMatch. Actively rehearsing teams with active DSICo members as cast are able to reserve space for rehearsals whenever available.


Director: Brian Sutorious
Assistant Director: Kori Robins
Production Manager: Vinny Valdivia

1. Aaron Keck
2. Bradley Wallace
3. Brandon Holmes
4. Brian Sutorious
5. Craig Carter
6. Dan DeSilva
7. Hudson Belinsky
8. James McMahon
9. Jenn Newsome
10. Jonny Waldes
11. Justin McNeil
12. Kimberly Hirsch
13. Kit FitzSimons
14. Kori Robins
15. Lauren Varkey
16. Lori Weiss
17. Matt Lyles
18. Patrick Tutwiler
19. Rose Werth
20. Sam Adams
21. Sarah Spencer
22. Sean Williams
23. Vinny Valdivia
24. Wilson Jacobs
25. Zach Ward

Director: ZW
Assistant Director: Kit FitzSimons
1. Alex James
2. Craig Carter
3. Dan DeSilva
4. Vinny Valdivia
5. Josh Rowsey
6. Kit FitzSimons
7. Kori Robins
8. Rose Werth
9. Robbie Wiggins

1. Brian Johnson
2. Cody Moore
3. Colette Heiser
4. Linda Bowerman
5. Max Leung
6. Rodney Futrell
7. Sam Di
8. Suzanne MacDonough
9. Tom Honeycutt
10. Dale Lowery

1. Alan Wilder
2. Branson Moore
3. Cristina Fernandez
4. Daniel Higgenbotham
5. Jess Higgenbotham
6. Katherine Goacher
7. Whitney Baker
8. Arianna Eily


Assistant: Tara Regan
1. Alex Hofford
2. James McMahon
3. John Fowler
4. Matt Lyles
5. Sean Williams
6. Tara Regan
7. Tess Liebersohn
8. Travis Pomeroy

Assistant: Jake Ratliff
1. Jonny Waldes
2. Arthur Vargas
3. Charlotte Luan
4. Eric Grosskurth
5. Jake Ratliff
6. Shelly Sabhiki
7. Sigue Hoffman
8. Alasdair Wilkins

Assistant Director: Andrew
1. Ashley Melzer
2. Andy Lavendar
3. Andrew Aghapour
4. Bianca Casusol
5. Jack Reitz
6. Shane Ryan
7. Zach Ward
8. Amy Allen
9. Robby Cochran

Assistant: Hillary
1. Brian Sutorious
2. Davis Tate
3. Hillary Nicholas
4. Kyla Taylor
5. Robbie Wiggins
6. Shane Smith
7. Brandon Holmes
8. Alex James
9. Chloe Tuck

1. James Taylor
2. Lauren Faber
3. Maria Ratliff
4. Jeremy Alder
5. Cedric Williams
6. Sarah Eldred
7. Cortland Cloos
8. Aaron Cobb


Producer/hosts for Ladies Night: Rose Werth and Lauren Faber

Producer for Match Game: Aaron Keck

Producer for Natural Selection: Longform and Harold Inc Teams

Producer for ImproVStandup, Primetime: Vinny Valdivia

Producer for Chuckle Bucket, Casual Sets: Andrew Aghapour and Andy Lavendar

Producing Director for Holiday Sketch: Jack Reitz with Head Writer Shane Ryan, Note: A call for writing submissions will go out this week so that writing for the revue can happen in September and October.There will be a separate post for sketch actor auditions in mid-October.


** Harold Night New Team debuts will be on Thursday 9/10 830pm

** Starting Block New Team debuts will be on Wednesday 10/7 830pm