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January 28, 2011, 12:53 AM
DSI HIGH Official Cast
Rick Skarbez
Kevin Browning
Tara Regan
Vinny Validivia
Laura Morrison
Nick Mykins
Sarah Eldred
Alan Goldstein
Ted Hobgood (Announcer)

SLAM Newbies
Nick Mykins
Sarah Eldred
Sid Ray
Joe Jackson
Sarah Miller
Amanda Scherle (COME BACK TOUR)
Tara Regan
Alex James
Jonathan Schwartz
Kennedy Gates

Current SLAM, http://bit.ly/improvslam

Our casts and profiles online should be updated next week. We are not casting for a new Harold Team right now but may schedule specific auditions for Harold late April/May. As of now the players and coaching staff for Kid Lincoln, Au Jus and The 708 remain the same (READ: Rockstars).

Retweeted was a popular show for the company so we definitely plan to bring that show back late Spring or maybe for an extended Summer Run.

Our Digital Production Team also had a lot of interest.
I will be sending out a request for sketches early next week to people who circled DP/sketch. We'll be casting 4-5 qualified writer/actors by February 17th. Our plan is 8 solid weeks of work with a debut in May. Andy Lavender has agreed to come on board as Writer/Director, Paula Pazderka will be the Writing Advisor and Shane Smith and Jeena will be working on editing footage and designing graphics.