View Full Version : transactors shows this weekend, 18-19th

June 16, 2004, 11:27 AM
Transactors Improv presents "The New Thing" this Friday and Saturday, June 18-19,*at The ArtsCenter. "The New Thing" is an evening of improvisational theater combining traditional elements of the company's work with new techniques and forms to create a... well... a new thing that*will include stories, recurring characters, themes, music, movement, commentary, and probably a healthy dose of silliness.

All Transactors Improv shows are unique because*they're not scripted or*planned and audience suggestions upon which they're based vary greatly. So, in a way, you could say that every performance is new. Yet the overall shape of shows can be constant.*

"The New Thing" is Transactors Improv's attempt to mix up all the components of its work, including elements of short and long forms, into a single extended piece. As always, the show will be spontaneous and based on ideas from the audience.

The cast for "The New Thing" includes Regina Bartolone, Joe Brack (the company's newest member!), Jill Greeson, director Greg Hohn, Nancy Pekar, Steve Scott (a new dad!), and Steven Warnock. Mike Beard will improvise technical effects and Mark Lewis will play piano.

Show time is 8 p.m., June 18-19, at The Arts Center, 300-G E. Main St., Carrboro. Tickets are $13 ($11 for ArtsCenter Friends). Call (919) 929-2787 or visit http://artscenterlive.org/* for tickets and directions. For more information on Transactors Improv, please call (919) 824-0937 or visit http://transactors.org/.

i'm gonna try to go on saturday. i think i'm still an artscenter friend, so let me know if you wanna go saturday. since i might be able to save everyone a couple bucks.