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November 6, 2003, 04:11 PM
I hereby invite the Dirty South Improv Nation to the 2003 Iron Scav Fall Classic on Nov 15th @4pm in Chapel Hill. This annual event has been growing more and more absurd since it was originated in 1995. Basically, it's a digi-photo based scavenger hunt "heightened" to absurd and dangerous levels. Now that I have come to know&love the DSI family, I can not imagine "The Dirty" not representing with a worthy team. I personally guarantee you and your team will have a ridiculous time.

Official invitation, weblinks, details, and hype are below.
Please feel free to hit me up if you have questions or are interested e@t-me.org. word.

erik martin

Dear Valued Co-Conspirators:

Adult Diaper Cowboy and Toilet Paper Mummy request the honor of your presence and unbridled participation in the 2003 Iron Scav Fall

SATURDAY NOV. 15th, 4pm!!!

The contest will start and end at 603 Oaktree Dr., in Chapel Hill.
Contestants will have approximately 6 hours to complete their missions
with viewings, trophy presentation, and adrenal revelry lasting well
into the night.

Teams are limited to 5 people. Each team will need a digital camera.
There will be a $5 entry fee per competitor. This will cover booze,
poultry, trophy augmentation, and supplies.

In additional to all the timeless missions from years past, the 2003
Fall Classic will break entirely new ground with additions including:
Celebrity Look-a-Like, Live Action Turkey Round-up, Lick My Mayflower,
Arts&Crafts, an Iron Scav Soundtrack, and an extremely ill-advised On
Foot Lightning Round. Basically, we have tapped every gram of grey
matter in our warped evil brains to create an event which will shred
the leather straps of decency. With 2 or more teams coming from out of state, the competition this year is going to be extremely tough.

Top Ten things you need to do before Nov. 15th

1. Recruit your teammates and make sure they will be there. Team captains need to email us soon so we can have a top-secret supply kit ready for your team.

2. Lock down a digital camera to use

3. http://homepage.mac.com/johnywishbone/PhotoAlbum4.html
Check out these throwback photos from 1998.

4. http://homepage.mac.com/johnywishbone/PhotoAlbum5.html
Check out the photo's from the Defending Champs' clutch performance in the last Scav. Also check out, the brand new Jerry West-inspired Iron Scav logo.

5. Lock down a CD player for the 15th, so you can play the Iron Scav soundtrack.

6. http://www.watsonadventures.com/stage.html#media
This rave-receiving NYC company that holds hunts emailed ADC and TPM, they're big fans. Check them out and see how thoroughly Iron Scav kicks their fucking asses.

7. http://www.techtv.com/inventthis/features/jump/0,24331,3516699,00.html
Three Words: vibrating bowel mover

8. Send ADC and TPM some suggestions for what you'd like to see on the Scav list.

9. Tell your family you love them.

10. Invite your friends who can't participate to come check out all the crazy pictures and war stories following the Scav (approx. 10pm).

We can't wait to unleash the surprises and indelicacy.

Sat. Nov 15th, 4pm @ 603 Oaktree Dr., Chapel Hil, NC

God Bless America

Yours in love and mayhem,

Adult Diaper Cowboy and Toilet Paper Mummy

Iron Scav: Socially Illegal since 1995