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Ross White
May 25, 2004, 03:15 PM


I am a student in the summer Trial Advocacy program at UNC School of
Law. We are seeking volunteer participants to portray witnesses (male
and female, any age) and serve as jurors in mock trials, to be
conducted by law students and presided over by our professor (judge)
Michelle Robertson. The trials are held in the law school's model

There are three trials; you can participate as a witness as many times
as you like, but can serve as a juror only once.

Our trials will be held on:
Wednesday, June 2 at 5p.m.
Saturday, June 5 at 11a.m.
Sunday, June 6 at 11a.m.

The trial will last between 5-7 hours (witnesses do not need to remain
for the full trial, but are welcome to stay). Either lunch or dinner
will be provided.

Jurors may be asked to participate in a brief "voir dire" or
questioning by counsel, and will hear the entire trial, participate in
deliberations, and deliver a verdict. No lines need be memorized.

Witnesses will need to learn their character and facts that they will
be questioned on. Memorization of lines is not required, but
participants will get some in-character improvisation experience.

NO acting experience is necessary, and anyone is welcome to

This is a lot of FUN!

If would like to participate, or would like more information, please
contact me at the email or phone number below. Please forward this
message to any relevant lists or individuals who may be interested.


Amy S. Martin
UNC School of Law, Class of 2005
(919) 493-3909

If you do this, talk up DSI to other actors!