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Kit's Alter Ego
October 31, 2003, 11:23 PM
I dressed up as a puppet government for Halloween.
I dressed up in a suit, padded my chest and arms, had a marionette cross affixed to my arms and legs via strings and positioned it so it was standing above my head, painted a puppet-jaw on my face, and finally, I spoke in my Arnold Schwarzenegger accent.

Get it? Marionette: puppet? Arnold: government? Puppet? Government?

:lol: ... :? ... :( ... :x ... :evil: ... :twisted: ... :?: ... :)

Well, in any case, I now present from the home office in Chapel Hill:

The Top Ten Things Said To Or About Me By Complete Strangers Tonight During My 80-Minute Circle Around UNC Campus and Franklin Street

10. "You wanna play? Play rough? Huh, man? You wanna?"

9. "So. Are you a Republican? I forget."

8. A man in a Clinton mask: "I voted for you. Did you vote for me?"

7. "Okay, that's the coolest costume so far, but we haven't gotten to Franklin Street yet, so we'll see, okay?

6. From a car window: "Hey, Fag-Boy! Puppets don't walk like that! In fact, I don't think puppets walk at all!"

5. Little kid (a real one): "Look, mommy! A scary man!"
......His mother (either a real one or else his stepmom): "Oh, sweety, that's just an Arnold Schwarzenegger marionette."

4. "Dance, puppetman, DANCE, yo!" (I did)

3. An EMS worker (a real one): "Be careful. Don't wrap those strings around your wrists too tight."

2. "Oh yeah?! Well I'm a muddy-fork inma folk fulling-mucko!" (sounds liiiiiiike...something)

1. "Whowhoawhoa! You know who he looks like? A little Matt Damon! He looks like a little Matt Damon!"

--Kit "Arnold Schwarzenegger as a Puppet Government" FitzSimons

PS: I would have written down quotes from the ROCK-AWESOME CHiPs show, but my hands were kinda tied. Ha. Ha. Seriously, it was like watching Vesuvius erupting. Only funnier and with less ash.

Jeff Sconce
November 1, 2003, 03:45 PM
Kit Fitzsimmons, I saw you in Hamilton 100, and your costume rocked my world. I can honestly say it was the best costume I saw all night, and that includes PT's impressive Blues Brothers get-up.