View Full Version : Have you vomited? Get published!

May 21, 2004, 12:25 PM
Here is a random opportunity. A published writer in Chicago, Alan Goldsher, is soliciting stories of vomiting for an upcoming new book.

His bio: http://www.alangoldsher.com/bio.html

His call for entries for THE PUKE BOOK:
"Good news, regurgatation fans: I'm putting together a book tentatively titled "PUKE." It'll be a compilation of -- logically enough -- puke stories. Everybody has one, and they're all funny. If you'd like to contribute, send your vomit tale to pukebook@hotmail.com. Be as detailed and disgusting as you'd like -- the nastier, the merrier. There's no pay involved, just the joy of knowing that you're helping create the definitive modern vomit tome. You can be credited however you like, but at the very least, i'd love to get your first name and last initial, age, hometown, and occupation. And pass this on to your friends; also, if you know any celebs that'd like to discuss their hurling, round 'em up!!!"

Friends, I thought of you when I came across this opportunity.