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May 19, 2004, 01:01 AM
I sent this e-mail out to a lot of acting types...but, the two roles we need for Kerpow could really be well filled out by improvisers. Check out the e-mail thing and Kit and I can give y'all more information.


Please send this to anybody who might be interested in acting this summer.

Dearest All,

This summer, the Open Door Theatre Company will be putting on a play called Kerpow!, a Super Hero send-off in the style of "The Complete Works of Shakespeare Abridged" in and around the Chapel Hill area.

This play was written by myself and soon to be Junior UNC student Kit FitzSimons.

Kerpow will start rehearsal in the beginning of June and the show will run over the course of five weekends in July and August. It will be one hell of a physical challenge and a wonderful experience.

We still need 1 male and 1 female for the show, so, if you have any interest, please contact the producer...

Michael at legion@bombshellstudios.com

Bryan Cohen

May 24, 2004, 03:59 PM
Hey...here's more info about the audition...

Before you come...please e-mail Michael and tell him you're interested...

Greetings everyone,

If you're in the TO: section of this email it means you've requested
information about the production and have expressed an interest in being a
part of that production. To those in the CC: section of the email, you're on
a need to know basis. :)

The production of KERPOW! will most likely run the weekend of July 9-11 and
every weekend after that thru the weekend of August 6-8. Rehearsals will run
from June 7th thru till opening day (July 9th.) Rehearsals will be FOUR
weekday evenings and Saturdays (either evening or afternoons) each week with
NO Sundays unless absolutely necessary.

Now, that said, we received a great deal more interest in potential actors
than I expected (great job to our publicity machine Bryan Cohen!) We have on
female and one male role open. This is a non-paying gig however, depending
on the success of the play we MIGHT (and, please note that's a BIG MIGHT) be
able to pay a small stipend at the end of the run. So, I would like to
arrange TWO days to get everyone out to audition. These days will be June
1st and 2nd (Tuesday and Wednesday.) You need not prepare anything, as it
will be cold readings from the script. The auditions will be from 6-8:30 pm.
YOU MUST LET ME KNOW WHICH DAY YOU ARE COMING! And be aware that if only one
or two people choose one of the days I will contact you to ask if you could
make it on the more active day.

To answer the most prominent question: No, we do not have scripts available.
At this time, except for the audition process we are keeping the contents a
SECRET IDENTITY. This won't affect your audition. Just come to have fun and
to laugh...a lot.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop me an email or give me a
call. Please remember to let me know as soon as you can, which day you will

Since many of the shows are outside we're going to do the audition in a
controlled outdoor environment. The auditions will be at 2408 Wade Hampton
Rd in Hillsborough. Here are the directions from Chapel Hill. They are very

Drive North on Airport Rd/Hwy 86. After going over the HWY 40 overpass (the
Harris Teeter is there) drive approximately 5 miles. On your right be on the
look out for a sign that says PIEDMONT ELECTRIC COMPANY. On the left will be
a JOHN BRECKENRIDGE Rd. Turn Left onto JOHN BRECKENRIDGE. After about 50
yards you will come to a four way intersection. Turn RIGHT onto WADE
HAMPTON. 2408 is approximately the 7th house down the right. The numbers are
on the mailbox post. That simple. My phone number in case you have trouble
is 260-0029.

Michael Babbitt
Artistic Director
The Open Door Theatre