View Full Version : Throw Like A Girl!!!

May 7, 2004, 07:29 PM
Coming this Saturday to the Inside Improv.

Callie Peck - She can eat flames and play Quidditch better than Victor Krum!
Diana Chang - She can train dolphins to spit at squirrels!
Lisa P. - She is a professional Brazilian street fighter!
Olivia Henderson - She sunk Atlantis single-handedly! ("They were asking for it!" she says.)
Lauren Watson - She saved Andorra from being attacked by Martians!
CeCe Garcia - She knows who Deep Throat is and plays poker with her every weekend!

Come see us!

Kit's Alter Ego
May 7, 2004, 08:09 PM
As promised:

Callie "Ent, Eh?" Peck!
Lauren "Homes In" Watson!
CeCe "I told you so" Garcia!
Olivia "Little Red" Henderson!
Diana "the Day by Madonna" Chang!
Lisa "Honda for Only 7250" Palmisano!


PS: Why not see the whole show: Night Attack! performs this Saturday as well!

Ethan "Or, Neither Nor" Kaye!
Dave "Check Offs The" Siegel!
Kit "If the Shoe" FitzSimons!
Zack "Most Probab" Bly!