View Full Version : Partying at Bryan's House before the Scoop on Friday!

May 7, 2004, 01:35 AM
Dearest All,

Everyone is invited to attend a little shin-dig of my roommate's (Rudy...he's been to I I on and off the last month or two and is actually inviting you all)...he's a jammin' drummer for my former roomie Eric's funk band, Bazungu...anyway, he'll be inviting a lot of musicians, thus, the music will be REALLY HOT!

Also, I have a very nice attic abode and I'd love y'all to come see where I'm living at...plus there will be alcohol and potentially hot girls and guys (looking to Rudy) He thinks his friends are hot. Awesome.

The house is at 209 Purefoy Road in Chapel Hill.

Which is at the bottom of 86 past the hospital...when you see Merrit's General Store...turn onto Purefoy which is right next to it. If you need more specific directions, just call me up at (919) 593-2287.

For the most part it's BYOB...but, the General store is right down the corner and sells 40s...whoop whoop.

People can show up any time after 8 PM...so...gimmie a ring and come on by people! It's gonna be a good time. Then we can SCOOP IT!


PS: The party could be very much like this picture...


The bowl represents fun!

PPS: How much could this party affect history???

Just check this out!


Lee got into a jam...and you could too! I hear Ruby is really good. Or is it...Rudy?

Just come...seriously, people.