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April 16, 2004, 05:49 AM
Spolin, like you would expect in Improvisation, has no rules. It is based on solving problems of the theater through Viola's process of playing the game, side coaching, and evaluation.

Playing the game y'all are familiar with.

Side coaching, different people have different meanings. In Viola's world the side coaching are suggestions to help the players heighten their focus on the game. It's more suggestive than directive.

Evaluation is about how strong the concentration was in solving the problem presented. Good/bad and funny/not funny have nothing to do with it, as those attitudes might restrict the players freedom in finding a solution for themselves.

If you are interested in exploring this process, which can do nothing but deepen the Improv skills upon which you can call on, including Improv Comedy, then send us an email at info@trianglespolinplayers.org

As an example, Second City was founded on the principles of Viola Spolin. Both Viola and Paul Sills, her son and famed improvisation guru, were involved in the formation and leading workshops at Second City in its early days.

Neal Caidin
Triangle Spolin Players