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April 13, 2004, 03:44 AM
PT's Rating System for Novels:

EPIC: You will never forget!

Page Turner: Wanna read it, again and again!

Convincing: Understandable and cool, yet confusing

So So: Something I could write!

Blah: Never actually read the whole thing.

Timeline, by Micheal Crichton is not to be confused with the movie by the same name. Even though yes, it based off of this book, the book is completly differeant.

Many people always say, "The book is better than the movie", and this will always be true, yet this saying is an ignorant way of rating a movie based off of a novel. Even some of the best movies ever made are not as good as the novel, for example, The Godfather. "The Godfather Epic" is a novel that makes War and Peace look like a postage stamp. Even though the movie is timeless, the book is priceless. Saying that a movie is as not as good as the book is complicated, because directors are forced to completly change the story line and some characters to make the audience understand it better. There are many describtions and explanations in books that give character and tone to settings and events, that you can't put through to an audience member. Also directors are forced to compact a novel (that when you read, takes you a month!), to a movie format (meaning 90 min to 3 hours). Its hard work and its complicated, so I say directors have balls to try to recreate a novel into a film.

Timeline is the story of four college aspiring archeologists who are sent back in time to 1397 France (100 Year War) to save thier college professor. Yet it is not that simple. The story is also of how time travel is possible and of how Robert Doniger, the president of the Intelligence Training Center, "ITC" (think of it as Apple Computers, but better) wants to make the world a better place by sending tourists to an actual place and time in history.

Timeline follows the story of Andrew Marek, a man trapped in the past (not literally), who loves nothing more than old medieval ways. Along side of this irish man stands Chris Hughes, David Stern and Kate Bardew. Chris is horrible with women and is always a shut in, yet a curious man. Stern is a cool nerd, who thinks before he jumps, and Kate is a women who wants nothing more than to learn. While excavating a castle in the southern part of France, called Castlegard, Kate and Marek stumble upon a cave that has not been entered for over 600 years. In which they find a spectacle from a pair of glasses and a document that reads "HELP ME". Astonishing to find, the spectacles are from Professor Johnston's glasses, and the handwriting on the document belongs to the professor as well. Through phone calls and threats, the five students are lead to New Mexico to talk with Doniger who simply says, "Your Professor is trapped in the past, and you need bring him back". Thus the adventure begins as four ordinary students are pushed to human limits of self exploration and survival, as they try to fight there way through the French and English armies, to save Johnston.

This book is an "EPIC" and not to be missed. Timeline reads like a movie, and it is like crack. The characters are engaging, the story is amazing, and the attention to detail of the 100 Year War is amazing! Micheal Crichton has done it again! I suggest you buy this novel, you will love it!

"Exciting....classic adventure...a swashbuckling novel....Crichton delivers"-- USA Today

"More screams per page...than Jurassic Park and The Lost World combined"--San Diego Union-Tribune

"A nonstop roller coaster of a novel"--Philadelphia Inguirer

Kit's Alter Ego
April 13, 2004, 09:49 AM
The villain: wimpy
The threat: Frenchmen at war
The technical explanation of time travel and its paradoxes: "Time travel happens. There are no paradoxes. There are no discontinuities. Stop asking; I'm not gonna say anything else, Stupidhead."
The premise: wimpy villain is too wimpy to travel in time himself and too cheap to hire more ex-Marines, so he sends the Scooby gang. :?

This novel led me to believe that Crichton was contracted to writer a book about time travel, started reading up on it, and then decided to instead write a book on par with The Magic Treehouse series (http://www.randomhouse.com/kids/magictreehouse/series.html) in terms of actual believeable bullshit-physics and depth of characters. After all, why explain the nature of the spacetime continuum when you can just as easily say, "Hey. They've already bought the movie rights to this; I'm gold from the get-go."

So-So: PT could write this. :)


April 13, 2004, 12:19 PM
I liked this book Kit! And even though I thank you for giving it a "So-So", in saying that I could write something like this, your wrong, I can't. Wanna step?!