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April 2, 2004, 04:03 AM
Just in case DVD lovers out there want to know, this is a list of some DVD's that are coming soon:

April 13th

Booty Call: The Bootiest Edition

Kill Bill: Vol 1

April 20th

Man Of La Mancha (PT recommends)

The Office: 1 and 2 Season (PT Recommends)

Teenage Mutant Turtles: 1 season (Yes, the 1984 series)

April 27th

Big Fish (PT recommends)

Dracula Has Risen From the Grave! (Christopher Lee Classic)

Kids in the Hall: Season One (If you don't like this show, your not good at anything)

Saved by the Bell: Seasons 3 & 4 (Proving a God or Satan does exist)

May 4th

The Adventures of Ma and Pa Kettle: Volume 2 (The first ones out?)

The Big Green (OMG, do you remember this movie!!?)

Gilmore Girls: Season One (Ladies have patience)

Herbie Goes Bananas (Not Hancock, the car)

Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo

Herbie Rides Again (Coming soon in 2005, Herbie Goes to Africa)

The Marx Bro Collection

Party Of Five: Season One (A young Neve Campbell, roar!....what?)

Peter Pan (Sit still Katy Jack)

Samurai Jack: Season One (PT vaguely recommends)

May 11th

The Jetsons: Season One

Jonny Quest: Season One (My dad watched this show)

May 18th

Enter The Dragon: Special Special Edition (*Note* One already exists)

Smallville: Season Two (Umm? AWESOME!)

The Testament of Dr. Mabuse (PT deff recommends)

You Got Served: Special Edition ( I just can't help but laugh)

May 25th

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Northern Exposure: The First Season (My mom watched this, PT recommends however)

Saving Private Ryan: D-Day 60th Anniversary Edition (My grandpa served in this war, the movie's good too)

June 1st

The Adventures of Francis The Mule: Vol 1

Flirting with Disaster: Special Edition (PT recommends)

Flight of the Navigator (Hell Yes!)

Trainspotting: Special Edition

June 8th

The A Team: Season One (I do pity the foo if you don't buy this)

Just Shoot Me: Seasons 1 & 2

Quantum Leap: Season One (FINALLY!)

Six Feet Under: Season Two (PT recommends!)

Who's the Boss?: Season One (Finally?)

June 15th

Agua Teen Hunger Force: Season 2 (Ethan, mall trip!)

Curb Your Enthusiam: Season Two (PT recommends)

Monk: Season One (Took long enough)

SeaLab 2021: Season One

The Simpsons: Season 4 (This is when it starts to get good!)

The Station Agent (PT recommends)

June 22nd

Reno 911! (Don't pay less then 40 bucks, please!)

June 29th

Spider-Man: The 1967 Series Collection!

Wonder Woman: Season One (So hot!)

July 13th

Everybody Loves Raymond: Season One

August 24th

Boy Meets World: Season One (Its no Wonder Years, but oh well)

September 24th

Star Wars Trilogy: Special Special Special Special Special Deluxe Edition

Well that's all folks!! In case your wondering, I have no life, so I made this list to help you my friends, cause if you waste as much time as I do watching movies, than you'll love me for this list!!

April 2, 2004, 05:05 AM
Good grief, man!! Do you SLEEP??? It's like you've been posting all night. :wink:

Kit's Alter Ego
April 2, 2004, 08:23 AM
April 6

Pink Panther 5-Disc Set

May 25

Bubba Ho-Tep


April 2, 2004, 10:22 AM
I can add a lot of "FINALLY"s to your list. A-Team. I was just thinking that last week. Marx Bros. Oh yes. Kids in the Hall. Finally. Aqua Teens. Looks like I might have to stop buying cheap horror films and pick up some more television series again.

And for a brief second I thought these were all the films you ordered from netflix....

L'il G
April 2, 2004, 10:47 AM
How can you NOT recommend Kill Bill: Vol. 1?

Unless you're retarded.

Kit's Alter Ego
April 2, 2004, 11:57 AM
Looks like I might have to stop buying cheap horror films and pick up some more television series again.

Speaking of cheap horror flicks, I 'splurged' last night on a $6 DVD of 5 Bela Lugosi movies.
http://tralfaz-archives.com/comics/geary/Bela%20Lugosi.jpgThe titles
(and Bela's role in each):
The Gorilla (Peters, the butler)
The Devil Bat (Dr. Paul Carruthers, the nurturer of mutant bats)
The Human Monster (Dearborn, the seemingly kind doctor moonlighting as an insurance salesman)
The Invisible Ghost (Charles Kessler, the hypnosis victim/vendetta settler)
The Ape Man (Dr. James Brewster, the man in need of a backbone)

All perfectly acceptable for the next HMS* festival.


PS: "The Human Monster" was banned in Finland. Just FYI**.

*HMS: Horror Movie Send-Up
**FYI: Finland. :roll: Yes, I-know.

April 2, 2004, 12:16 PM
Then I shall have to have this film festival and soon! I'm waiting for pay day to pick up more Vincent Price movies, since that's my new hobby after buying Abominable Dr. Phibes and Dr. Phibes Rises Again. Next time I get to Southpoint I'll pick up Last Man On Earth and House on Haunted Hill. Movie night...sometime.

Zack Bly
April 5, 2004, 09:55 AM
The Adventures of Ma and Pa Kettle: Volume 2 (The first ones out?)

is ANYONE as excited about this as me?

or rather, WOULD anyone else be as excited about this as I WOULD, had i a dvd player?