View Full Version : Wha' Happened???

Kit's Alter Ego
October 18, 2003, 01:08 AM
My Christopher Guest marathon was disrupted brutally by a scratched DVD. I have no idea what happens in the first two scenes of Waiting For Guffman, nor was I able to see the last four Additional Scenes.

This, my friends, is unfair. And for those who say that life is unfair, I will merely quote a wise young boy from the comic strips: "No, life is arbitrary. Individuals are either fair or unfair. Which are you?"


PS: On the plus side, I have now seen all four docucomedies in the "series," with absolutely no regard for order WHATSOEVER!!!! :D!!! :D!!! :D!!!

PPS: Ahh, movie marathons, how I have missed you.
This one was much more worthwhile than my Scream marathon.
Or my Mystery-Movie-Style-Parody {1} marathon.
Or my "Young So-And-So" {2} marathon.

{1} Clue, Murder By Death, The Cheap Detective, and The Manchu Eagle Murder Caper Mystery (not one of cinema's shining moments).
{2} Young Frankenstein, Young Sherlock Holmes, Young Einstein, and Andy Warhol's Young Dracula (again, not one of cinema's shining moments).