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March 31, 2004, 02:08 AM
Let's share pet photos!

March 31, 2004, 02:15 AM
Name: Picnic Chang
Current Age: 13 months
Age in photograph: 3.5 months
Special Hobbies: stalking; Picnic Soccer (where picnic lies down and someone scoots him around the apartment with their foot);Fetch;put beloved toy in food or water; Retrieve object from hole; Enter hole; Poo on myself
email address dzel4175@hotmail.com (he wants to be invited to Orkut)


March 31, 2004, 05:07 AM

Name: Bernard Run
Hobbies: Eating grass, sleeping, stomping on things, being big.
Age: Well over 100
Age in Photo: While taking a walk through campus, about 2 weeks now.

Kit's Alter Ego
March 31, 2004, 06:42 AM
I only have a pet rock.


Name: The Rock
Hobbies: Using sardonic eyebrows, making movies, being big.
Age: 8 years old. (Greg:Whaaaaaaat?!?)
Age in Photo: Hard to tell. The Rock's been living in that box
for a while, and I can't remember whn that picture was taken.


PS: Here's a picture of The Rock out of the box:

Notice the sardonic eyebrows?

March 31, 2004, 09:19 AM

Name: Penny Lane or Penny for short

Age and Age in Photo: I don't know.

Type of Dog: Half Basset Hound, half beagle

Hobbies: Playing chase (in which I start running around the middle level of our house and she starts chasing me), hopping up on anything in order to get food, being grumpy at weird times, going for walks at sunset (and other times of day), eating flan (as this picture shows), etc.

March 31, 2004, 09:33 AM

Pippin is my puppy. He is a four year old white shepherd. I wish I had a bigger picture of him but none that I can post online - I can send you larger ones if you want! I miss him a lot just because he's such a great dog.

Things Pippin likes:
rope, snow, stuffed animals, couches and beds (will sleep with his head on the pillow), being lazy
Things Pippin doesn't like:
deer, squirrels, little children (he can't distinguish kids from small animals correctly, but he's not dangerous), thunder, when you blow in his face

Also in the picture is my friend Phil. I don't know what he likes and dislikes, sorry. Larger pictures of Phil available as well.

L'il G
March 31, 2004, 01:19 PM

March 31, 2004, 08:05 PM

Name: Bob
Age: 13, but wise beyond his years
Likes: Glaring menacingly, beating up neighborhood cats and dogs, being scared of the rooster next door, chewing on corks, sleeping on my face
Noticable Characteristics: mute, three rips in right ear


April 1, 2004, 02:29 PM
I should have known that Mike had a black cat. Call it, intuitia..a...nun...nun.nun.

Lisa P
April 10, 2004, 07:04 PM
Ginnie's stats:
Age in picture: 3 1/2, she'll be 4 in June
Breed: Golden Retriever
Hobbies: mooching; slobbering; shedding; playing with her stuffed toys and her kitten, Maggie; stealing socks (by the way, I finally got your's back from her, Meljo, but you have to come and visit to get them)

Maggie's stats:
Age in picture: maybe 2 or 3 months old, she'll be a year in July
Breed: O'Bryan kitten
Hobbies: Running around like a lunatic and knocking things down; killing houseplants; pulling all the q-tips out of the holder in the bathroom; stalking the fish; playing with Ginnie
Famous relatives: her brother is Captain James T. Kirk. He never calls her.