View Full Version : Organized Group Sports Viewing at BW3 this evening

October 11, 2003, 10:15 AM
Yeah, I'm totally bumming that I'm going to miss most of Seperation Saturday and FSU-Miami and BoSox-EvilEmpire on account of my driving and directing this afternoon, but that's life sometimes, y'know? No use crying about it, just accept it and move on.

But I shall not deny myself the tail-end of the BoSox-EvilEmpire game and the bulk of the Cubs-Marlins instant classic just because I can't order a crate of Chicken McNuggets and not go anywhere today. Oh no! So during my dinner break between coaching Tony's Pony until 6pm and call at the Scoop at 10pm, I shall be at BW3 watching sports, drinking beer, playing trivia, eating greasy-greasy-bad food, and hopefully getting a wireless Internet signal from somewhere in the establishment. I swear to you, if I can pull off the sports-beer-trivia-food-WiFi "quintuple play," I will actually be pleasant and charming and a joy to be around. You wouldn't want to miss THAT, would you?

Enough paragraph-style rambling. Let's spell it out with bullet points:

- BW3 on Franklin St.
- 6pm until ??? (or 10pm)
- tail end of BoSox-EvilEmpire, front end of Cubs-Marlins
- cold beer, hot wings, hot little waitresses in tight black pants

Swing through if you can, 'cause I will BE THERE.

October 11, 2003, 08:06 PM
Moser and I are at BW3 RIGHT NOW! OMG!! We're watching baseball and I'm posting this RIGHT NOW! OMG!!

And that waitress TOTALLY wanted a taste of the White Chocolate.