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February 19, 2004, 09:30 PM
"Mark needs a scholarship to get into Harvard. There's one more available for a black student. The problem is Mark's not black... Yet."

Soul Man, a movie that really made me think, really. "Soul Man" is the story of Mark (C.Thomas Howell). Mark doesn't expect any problems in going to college: he and his friend Gordon (Arye Gross) have reserved places in Harvard and his parents have the money to pay for his education there. But suddenly his father's neurotic psychiatrist advises him to go on vacation in Hawaii instead of spending more money on his son. Since Mark wants to keep his lifestyle, including a fancy car and a flat shared with his friend, he seeks financial support. The only foundation which still accepts applications is for blacks only -- no problem! Mark soon realizes the fun of popping bronzing pills and practices putting "soul in his voice". He then sets out to Harvard, soon he has to realize that being black will cause some people to handle him differently. Don't miss the best line in the movie when Mark confronts his parents and says, "Mom! Dad! There's something I have to tell you... I'm black!"

I give Soul Man a good "NARLY", mostly cause Corey and Dana said it was "Awful good, and because Zach wanted me to review it. It wasn't crap though, even though the pills he took proboly tasted like it.

What I learned:
1) C. Thomas Howell looks like Elijah Wood
2) James Earl Jones is deff black.

What Kim says!
"I really like this movie. I mean at times, it was a little strange, but all in all I enjoyed it. C. Thomas is a real cute guy and I thought the make up effects on him were so so. So that's my two sense, back to you PT!"

Ahhhhhh, thank you. What? Oh um, right, the pictures.

Mark's black now! YAY!!

I'm sorry but, Frodo?

Damn, why does he look familiar?

Starring: C.Thomas Howell, Rae Dawn Chong, Arye Gross, James Earl Jones. 1hr....44min

Kit's Alter Ego
February 20, 2004, 12:57 AM
Every time I see this movie, I think of Thriller.

We all know why.


PS: < Kit turns to camera: > :twisted: