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February 17, 2004, 09:28 PM
PT's Ratings:
DUECE: Never Again
NARLY: Never Again
DATE: Good enough to bring a date to
COWABUNGA: One of a Kind
COWABUNGA II: Only used if the sequel is better than the original

"The Family Just Got A Little Stranger"

The Addams Family returns for some frightfully good times! When Gomez (Raul Julia) and Mortica(Angelica Huston) have another little bundle of creepy, it's love at first fright! Rightfully naming thier new son, Pubert, they realize that not only does he resemble the family perfectfully, he also has one hell of a burb! Yet when Pugsly(Jimmy Workman) and Wednesday(A little older Christina Ricci) find themselves jealous (in trying to kill Pubert) Gomez and Mortica decide to get a nanny to handle the mess. They soon find Debbie Jilinsky(Joan Cusack), a beautiful seducer who is actually known as the "Black Widow" for killing husbands for thier money, something fishy starts to happen! Fester(Christopher Llyod) falls in love with Debbie and Debbie, Fester, so it turns out to be a match made in...well...the Addams's world. Wednesday grows suspicous and because of this Debbie devises a plan to send to the world place imaginable...Summer Camp! So let the fun begin one more time as Wednesday and Puglsy try to save thier Uncle while trying to survive at Camp Chip A Waa!

I give "Addams Family Values" a COWABUNGA II!! This film was better than the first, mostly for the reasons that the characters found themselves and the writing was awesome!!

Things I learned:
See my review for "The Addams Family", it's basically the same!

There will be no need to for Kody's thoughts, he has been fired.

Starring: Raul Julia, Angelica Huston, Christopher Lloyd, Christina Ricci, Joan Cusack, Jimmy Workman. Directed By Barry SonnenFeld, 1 hr.. 34min