View Full Version : Introducing Me! :-)

September 30, 2003, 10:02 PM
Yikes! I hope I'm doing this right, don't wanna look stoopid or nuthin'!! :oops: My name is Tayler and I am a Noo Yorker by birth and growth. Been down here for just over ten years. Have never done improv before now. Took two beginner-type acting classes about two years ago and was so traumatized by them that I haven't explored acting again til now! There you have it! I have lots of interests, lots of issues and lots of diseases (all contagious! Stay away!). tee hee. Hope to get over the fear stuff of getting in front of people really fast so I can enjoy playing more! Thanks to everyone in my first ever improv class last Thoisday for letting me have fun wit chu. I look forward (kinda!) to this week's class! See ya then! Thanks Ross for being a crazy mon! :lol: