View Full Version : PT's Review of "Showgirls"

February 5, 2004, 01:31 AM



What Kody said!:

"Showgirls changed my life, I honestly, ahh chooo!! Excuse me, I honestly, hold on (Eats a Cheeze Doodle), mmm, yum! I honestly could not believe my eyes! My girlfriend Molly, who I talk to on AIM all the time, who I havent met yet, says that she does the showgirl thing all the time on the weekends! You guys would be soooooo jealous, ahhhh chooo! Excuse me, if you knew that I was seeing a girl who looked like Kelly from "Saved by the Bell"! (Drinks a Pepsi, eats a Whopper) I really liked this movie, I downloaded it the other day! If anyone would like to come to my house, er my basment to watch it with me sometime, my phone num...."
Anyways, Kody knows!