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January 29, 2004, 01:15 AM
Hey All,

I am no Kit...but here goes.

DSI 3L - Class #1

(Note: there are not a lot of moments here...we didn't do a lot of scenework, but I guess I have a few good Ross quips to put in.)

(Verb used to describe college ravine hijynx)
Lisa P: Embibing.

(Words of roommate standing in paint filled room with door shut)
Eric: Dude, this color's so pretty!

(Talking to art teacher in her monologue)
Callie: Sometimes, I just want to lick my paintbrush.
Teacher: Me too!
Callie: What?!
Teacher: One time it had poison on it and I went to the hospital.
Callie (monologue): I didn't want to lick my paintbrush anymore.

Ross (from Amy): I'm gonna do the best SHITBALLS Harold ever!

The rest of the quotes will be on my journal in my notes...most are just...notes...but hopefully next week when we do a few more scene things...there will be more moments!


Bryan "I am not Kit Fitzsimmons" Cohen

Kit's Alter Ego
January 29, 2004, 01:18 AM
Ennnnnnhhhh...Kit FitzSimons.

--Kit "picky, picky" FitzSimons

Jeff Sconce
January 29, 2004, 02:13 PM
Eeeeeeh...Kit Fitzpatric?

- J "Call me that and die"-Sizzle

February 5, 2004, 12:59 AM
Here are the Platinum Moments for class this past evening:

Brought to you by the Kit FitzSimons Home for Girls Who Can't Find Dates

(Kit FitzSimons dives across the floor and lands at Lisa P's feet)
Lisa P: Come on, Joey, you think falling down the stairs will get you out of school.

Kit: It's not my fault I've broken all my bones and they've gotten stronger.

Bryan Cohen: (at Taco Bell) I just want to make a customer smile!

Lisa P: (Spanish accent) "Senor, I don't... (drops accent) OK, I do understand you. The thing is...you look like my ex."

Andrew Hutson: You can be second in control of placemat placement.
Kit: Then I can go to Southern Seasons?

Ross: (To Callie holding Jeffrey) There's all that space in between you two...
(Callie slams her pelvis into Jeffrey's)
Ross: I'm not asking you to hump him.

Andrew Hutson: That's awesome!
Kirk Mason: Stop talking! I can't hold her off if you talk."

Andrew Huston: (to Kirk's surf shop worker) To sell the board, you've got to know what it's like.

Ross White: Explore Koreans.

Bryan Cohen: (while dipping Callie Peck) Mmmm...Francis McDormand's Midwestern accent...

Andrew Hutson: (Callie's butler) You want me to take off your shirt?

Bryan Cohen: And I've got a friend warming up the woodchipper for your grand finale.

That's it people...if you have any other that got missed...I was playing a lot so I didn't get a chance to write stuff down! I love it!