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January 25, 2004, 08:21 PM
PT's Ratings:
DUECE: Never Again
NARLY: Likeable Enough
DATE: Good enough to bring a date too
COWABUNGA: One of a Kind

"Only time enough to die"

Gen-X-Cops is a spiritual film that proves violence is not only the answer…..wait!! What?!! No it’s not!! Gen-X-Cops is a Japanese Jackie Chan production that shows, “Subtitles is the 3rd World gap that’s keeping our great nations a part!” Hong Kong police crack an underground ring of smugglers seizing a massive shipment of explosives. But when the arms are recovered by Japan’s public enemy number one, Akatura (Lam Ka Tung), the countdown begins to a sale of a deadly contraband that will place the world in the hands of international mercenaries! And that’s just the story off the back of the VHS I bought! I really had no freaking clue what this movie was about, who these people are, but damn, it was funny! All I really know about this movie is that I hate Inspector Chun (Francis NG), the three main Generation-X-Cops are called Match (Tora Nakamura), Jack (Eric Tsang), and “Alien” (Daniel Wu) and there undercover to battle a Kingpin. That’s all I know, and the fact that this movie is not full of any action at all! There’s no Jackie Chan martial arts, none at all! It’s all guns, guns, guns, I could of watched a John Travolta movie, but at least I would of known of who the main character was and had the same review! I know, no one is ever going to watch this movie, and good, if you do, I have no r.e.s.p.e.c.t for you. For some reason the movie had some Japanese actors who speak English, and some that don’t. The ones that don’t are in scenes with ones that do and vice-versa! GD, I was confused! The only thing I did like was Jackie Chan's cameo at the end as a fisherman. His only line though is, "You know when I was younger, I was a lot faster and better!"

This movie deserves a “DUECE”, mostly because it’s Japanese, but I’d still rather watch a Jackie Chan movie instead of this.

Things I learned:
1: Nothing
2: Nothing
3: Nothing
4: Still nothing, but I’d like a smoke, but I quit

Match and Alien running from explosion!!
This is Jack, Jack, this is people.
Alien and Match talking about how they don't have girlfriends
The explosion at the end!
The drug lord, Kingpin guy!
The Version I didn't see, but would of rather seen.....naw I take that back.
Rather watch a John Travolta movie
"You know when I was a lot younger, I was faster and better!"
http://cine.hispavista.com/imagenes/genxcops.jpg http://hkmdbk.hihome.com/action/poster/genx.gif
Starring: Toru Nakamura, Eric Tsang, Daniel Wu, Francis NG, Lam Ka Tung, Terence Yin, Chan Ho and introducing Jaymee Ong. Directed by Benny Chan. 1hr..43 min