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January 25, 2004, 11:02 AM
what is the difference between a ticket and a citation? lets say, for example, that i got a citation last night- he said it wasnt the same thing as a ticket, but its not the same as the warning i got before. i was going 55 in a 35, have only gotten one warning. should i go to court or just pay the $150?

Tom McCudden
January 25, 2004, 02:34 PM
You need to talk to somebody who knows these matters -- a lawyer or a court official. There are some ways to get out of having a speeding conviction on your record (which will happen if you just pay the fine), and having that on your record could make insurance more expensive, make your next offense worse, etc.

There is something called a "prayer for judgment continued" that I saw several times when I was hanging out in traffic court last summer. It seems to put your matter "on hold" for a year or two, and if you don't get into trouble again, there's no record (but if you do, then BOTH wind up on your record). I don't know the details, so I again strongly urge you to talk to a lawyer or court official before deciding what to do.

(Plus, there's always the chance that if you show up to your court date the cop won't be there, in which case you probably get off.... but they usually show....)