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January 24, 2004, 03:24 AM
1: DUECE: Never Again
2: NARLY: Likeable Enough
3: DATE: Good enought o bring a date to
4: COWABUNGA: One of a Kind

"Got to fly, got to fight, must save Maggie, must save Jack! Hook is back!"

Steven Spielberg brings the story of Peter Pan back for a new generation, but was it the right choice? The real question the movie poses is, “What if Peter Pan grew up?”. Robin Williams takes the lead role as Peter Panning, a social services lawyer who can never stop talking to business partners on his damned cell phone. Ever since his son Jack was born, Peter neglected and missed almost every important event in his life, and when Peter misses Jack’s baseball game, well, this how the movie begins. After a plane trip to London to visit old Granny Wendy(Maggie Smith), yes that Wendy, Hook (Dustin Hoffman) returns and kidnaps Peter’s kids, faster than Michael Jackson settling a law suit in court! The beginning is very likeable and I love the synopsis for the film, Williams plays a great A-Hole turned Pan, but still a lot is missing, like good sets, good actors to play the Lost Boys and who in the hell is “Rufeoh”? Yet the most remarkable thing that I’m doing in this review, is bashing on a Steven Spielberg film! What’s happening to me?! Well let’s just say, Hook got a hold of me. Once Williams is visited by “Tink” (Julia Roberts), never mind the name Tinker bell, he too his kidnapped to Never Land, where he meets this Chinese 15 year old Lost Boy, named Rufeoh. Hook gives Pan three days to train and become who he always was. All the while I’m sitting in my chair saying, “Three days?!!”. Yes, remarkably Panning slims down, learns to fly and eats make believe food in three days. All the while Hook brainwashes Jack into loving him, awe. The flying sequences are great for a movie made in 1991, Hoffman plays the best Hook I think! Don’t miss Gywenth Paltrow’s cameo as young Wendy, can you say, “Kiss”? I can! Also to mention that Bob Hoskins as Smee was defiantly a perfect match! So all in all Hook really had the potential to become a masterpiece, but honestly I like the 2003 release of “Peter Pan” a lot better. I’ve never read the book, but I always do enjoy Hook every time I watch it!

This movie deserves a DATE, not only because I have watched this with an Ex, but also because I’ve heard that a lot of girls like Hook……and I’m sure the same goes for some guys.

Things I learned:
1: Your never to old to enjoy Julia Roberts wearing something short
2: Williams will never again be in as good shape as he was in 1991.
3: Dustin Hoffman’s nose has never been more displayed on camera since this movie,
4: I do believe in Fairies, yet still, I’d prefer to have a grown up sized Julia, then one being the size of my hand.


Starring: Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams, Julia Roberts, Bob Hoskins, Maggie Smith. Directed by Steven Spielberg, 2hrs...22min

Kit's Alter Ego
January 24, 2004, 06:39 AM
Personally, I was left feeling empty at the end of the movie when it seems that either Peter had an alcohol-poisoning-induced hallucination reminiscent of Dorothy Gale's finest (To street sweeper Bob Hoskins: "And you were there...") or else he and his kids were gone for four to five days in Neverland. And they appear on a balcony.


Apparently, the British police said, "It's probably best to drop the investigation and let everyone just get on with their lives."? I mean, does Peter have to defend himself against the possible charge that he had his children kidnapped and then "saved" them in order to be more of a hero in their eyes and those of his wife? Maybe England is a magical place where happy endings are sacrosanct, and old Granny Wendy shoved the bobbies out the front door as soon as she saw the distant blobs of her grandkids wafting in with the fog.

And by the way, did the mother, Moira, know the whole time where her kids were? And if so, why didn't she help save them? ("Mommy could do it!" ...Yeah right, kid.) If she didn't know, then why in the name of J.M. Barrie was she so easygoing when they appeared, seemingly out of thin air? For such an emotionally explosive woman (watch her toss the precious cell phone out the window), she certainly seems all too eager to forget that she's been camping by a nursery window after her children and husband have vanished in rapid succession.

Oh, and the real cameo not to miss is Phil Collins as Inspector Good. He really captures the intensity and insight inherent to all CSI:London team members.


PS: To say nothing of the immortal question of how if "pixie dust" makes you "fly" and think "happy thoughts," why can't I get some in a dime bag?

Dana S
February 4, 2004, 11:36 PM
Somewhere a fairy is dying because you didn't believe or like this movie. You killed Julia Roberts! What is the matter with you two? I would just like to clap (so she'll come back to life) and say that not only do I believe in faeries, but I love the movie Hook. It is the greatest kid movie of our time, or my time anyway. I have rented it so many times I remember the code on the tape. (3578921). I really should just buy the movie sometime. Anyway, my review is as follows:

Hook is a heartwarming movie that can be enjoyed by the young and old alike. A modern spin on the classic story, Hook is made up of an all-star cast which Spielburg directs to create a land of magic which should be appreciated by even the most cynical Spielburg fans. A hilarious ride that viewers are sure to enjoy and remember, this reviewer gives Hook two thumbs up!

Hook, The Princess Bride and Labrynth are the 3 movies that I watched on almost continuous repeat as a little kid. I ADORE THEM!

February 5, 2004, 07:29 AM
I really thought Hook was a great movie, and I still do. The script is really complex and it links to itself in so many ways that you'll never be able to count them all. Also, David Crosby plays a pirate. So does Glen Close. I'm serious.