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January 23, 2004, 04:55 PM
PT's Ratings:
1. DUECE: Never Again
2. NARLY: Likeable Enough
3. DATE: Good enough to bring a date to
4. COWABUNGA!: One of a Kind

"Weird, is relative"

Their creepy and their spooky, but their all together cooky, their "The Addams Family". Based off of the 1960’s cartoon and TV Show, The Addams Family is a rip roaring good movie that proves, being demented is funny! Raul Julia (Gomez) plays the sword slashing, cigar smoking, ruthless woo’er of a father of the Addams’s. Along side with his wife, Mortisa (Angelica Huston), Wednesday (A younger Christina Ricci) and Puglsly (Jimmy Workman), they create traffic accidents, blow up grounds and pull corpses out of their closets. Yet something has been troubling Gomez for the past twenty- five years, the un known where-a-bouts of his brother, Fester (Christopher Lloyd). The Addams’s are richer than Donald Trump and crazier than Robin Williams on speed! This is what temps Gomez’s accountant, Tully, to con and steal the gold in Gomez’s vault with the help of a woman who has a son, who looks just like Fester. Let the fun begin I say , as Fester tries to uncover his past and stay alert for when Gomez tries to dance the “Ma-Moo-Sca“! The Addams Family is a beloved favorite of mine, and will always be! Make sure to check out “Thing’s” first day on the job as being a “Fed Ex” mail man! The Addams Family is defiantly one the funniest movies out there, with fast paced physical humor, great writing, and perfect performances by everyone! If you haven’t seen this movie, you should be in jail, and if your in jail, break out! "Snap snap"

This movie deserves a “Cowabunga”, it has everything you could want in a comedy and again I love Back to The Future!

The things I learned from this film:
1. It’s okay to be scary throughout your whole life, you’ll be happier!
2. Raul Julia might be dead, but he is still funny!
3. Jimmy Workman probably actually works for Fed Ex now!
4. Christina Ricci is hot! I mean now, in this, she’s just cute. What? What I say?


Starring: Raul Julia, Angelica Huston, Christopher Lloyd, Christina Ricci, Jimmy Workman. Directed By Barry SonnenFeld, 1 hr.. 39 min

February 3, 2004, 06:01 PM
This movie marked Zach Ward's first official High School Date: Friday, November 22nd, 1991. He decided that he would be cool and not wear his glasses. Zach could not see the screen from the back of the 3rd theater inside the Ram Triple. Mmm... Ram Triple.

Ah. Jennifer Wallace. Zach Ward. Chapel Hill High. Good times.

February 4, 2004, 12:28 AM
This makes me want to post a review of my first movie date...this will happen at some point.