View Full Version : PT's Review of, "Teen Wolf": Take 2

January 23, 2004, 03:39 PM
PT's Ratings:
1. DEUCE: Never Again

2. NARLY: Likeable Enough

3. DATE: Good enough to bring a date too!

4. COWABUNGA!: One of a Kind!

"He always wanted to be special, but he ever expected this!"

“Teen Wolf” is a captivating coming of age story, well if you’re a nerd. Michael J. Fox (Scott) is a world class loser, well for a 1985 High School. In my opinion Scott is a really cool guy, shy, kinda popular and has no hook shot, I saw a lot of myself in his character. Scott starts to develop these weird sensations after he turned 18. First by hearing a dog whistle, then he develops hairy hands and long finger nails, then finally one night in his bathroom, he becomes a wolf, not any wolf, but a Teen Wolf. His best friend “Styles“ (Jerry Levine), who is a world class Hella Lammo is shocked and then happy at the news that his friend has become a monster. Scott soon discovers that he has great powers, he can hear good, see good, and he can smell good (Not odor wise, but finding weed wise). So I’m basically supposed to believe that all dogs have great power! Damn and I forgot to feed mine tonight! Anyways, his father is a wolf too, and the only explanation that Scott’s father could give to this transformation is, “I thought it would skip a generation”. His father also mentions, “That with this great power, there also comes very important responsibility!” So already I’d rather be watching Spider-Man, but I don’t know where I put it. Scott eventually becomes the most popular kid in high school, wins the heart of the blonde chick, becomes totally oblivious to his friend Boo‘s (Susan Ursitti) crush on him and eventually makes the Vice-Principal pee in his pants.

This movie deserves a “Narly”, it was impressive, Scott got with the blonde, and I love Back To The Future!

Things I learned from this movie.
1. Being hairy is awesome!
2. I want the blonde instead of the brunette
3. You will become a better basketball player by being a wolf
4. I miss the 80’s!


Starring: Micheal J. Fox, James Hampton, Scott Paulin, Susan Ursitti, Jerry Levine and Jay Tarses. Directed by Rod Daniel 1 Hr.. 31min