View Full Version : BIG PARTY - Monday, Dec. 22nd @ my place

L'il G
December 21, 2003, 02:11 PM
Not so much a "big party," as it is a party that's open to everyone. Me and Moser are gonna watch our beloved Wolfpack take on Kansas in the Tangerine Bowl at 5:30pm tomorrow night. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come over, watch the game, and just chill with us. We might go catch a movie at the dollar cinema after the game.

Come over any time after 5pm and stay until whenever. If anyone needs directions to my Raleigh pad, make your request known this thread, and I'll post the directions.

Also feel free to bring over any hot sisters. And by "sisters," I DO NOT mean "nuns."




L'il G
December 22, 2003, 01:05 PM
By the way, the gates to the apartments are closed, so anyone that comes will have to use the callbox to get in. Look up "Greg Brainos," or you can try looking for me by number.....I think it's #92 on the callbox.

And I shanked these directions from an earlier thread.........

Take 40 East to Raleigh
Take Exit 295 (GORMAN ST. Exit)
Make a RIGHT at the light at the bottom of the exit
Make a LEFT at the next light (TRYON RD.)
Make a LEFT at the next light (TRAILWOOD RD.)
MELROSE APARTMENTS will be on your left. Turn left into Melrose.

Go through the gates, take a left, and bear to your left. I am in building 1. I am on the second floor, Apt. #123.

If you need to call me, gimme a ring on my cell phone, 824-4109.