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Kit's Alter Ego
December 9, 2003, 11:04 AM
I'm taking 202. Wow.
I have an improv notebook. Double wow.
People speak during class. Triple wow.
Honestly, is anyone surprised by this?

December 3, 2003
(Yes, I know it's late)

Instructor: Porter Mason
Thought of the Night:
:arrow: Bryan Cohen: "Yeah, Samuel Beckett hates improv!"

Kirk Mason: I think you're sexy and, in a sexual way, I'm soulmating you!

Bryan Cohen: I've told you, you must make sacrifices...sacrifices for science. Sacrifices like your stomach lining after eating chloroplast-laden meatballs.

Bryan Cohen: I built the garage; I was upset that you burnt it down. And killing the child...? Well...we've already talked extensively about the child.
Lauren Watson: (sarcastic voice) Oh, yeah, sure, bring that up again--"Boohoo, straight from your womb!"

Kevin Nesnow: Actually, I was lying: I really want to bring a child into the world.
Katy Jack: ...You want to bring a child into a house of lies?

Chris Walter, fellow prisoner: I've been in here a lot longer than you and I need your help to get out...STRIKE THAT! I could do it myself...but it would be easier if you help.

Erik Martin: You're afflicted with love because you just watched 'The Care Bears Movie.'


PS: If I mispelled anyone's name, it's because I was busy trying to put a name with its hand motions. PM me, and ... :roll: ...I will fix it.

PPS: If anybody wrote down other Golden Moments, post them, please! Unlike during Inside Improv, taking a class means that I'm paying attention to more than what's happening onstage (for example, the state of to-go drink cups).

December 9, 2003, 11:09 AM

Kit's Alter Ego
December 11, 2003, 03:11 AM
December 10, 2003

Instructor: Ross White (Porter's in New York)
Thought of the Night:
:arrow: Ross White: I know! Jimmy Stewart hates f*cking improv!"

(about Jeff Scronce's recent 'Natural Selection' performance:)
Ross White: If he had come in with a strong initiation and then backed off, I would've understood. I mean, you're up there with...Scott Jennings, who is physically just intimidating, and then you talk to him, and he's a major a-hole! So...good job, Jeff.

(during a game where the player tells a story and switches from speaking in English to Gibberish and back:)
Ethan K: Ensk ns ksh hseer ne erngh...
Ross White: Switch!
Ethan K: Oorf skloof booorrr...
Ross White: ...to English.

Ross White: You don't have to make us laugh, but you do have to keep our attention, and you better not make us feel sorry for you!

Mike Bamford: I sat on a toilet and f*cked it up so bad!
Ross White: Someone tortures himself way too much about his first time doing an exercise!

Callie Peck: Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned...and I think this will be my last ever.

Susanne MacDonna: I don't care if you manhandle me; I need pants!

PT Scarborough: And let's say the little boy grows up into a man who <doing finger quotation marks> ""doesn't"" ""have a"" "job"!

(when Ross writes AKQJ1098765432 on the backs of Inside Improv flyers, then tells the class to lick them and stick them to our foreheads for a status game:)
Susanne MacDonna: What? DSI can't spring for tape?
Mike Bamford: Or playing cards?

Callie Peck, knight: Stableboy! Come here and...de-mount me!
Lauren Watson, stableboy: Sir Knight, you've done a fine job of de-mounting yourself.

Susanne MacDonna: You know what, boys? I choose him to populate this town with!
Mike Bamford, him: I choose to populate with no one!

(during Tag-Team Monologue told by a Bushido subway-knee-chopper:)
PT Scarborough: So now I find out that you can live with opium in your intestines! I didn't know that. Master Vito didn't tell me that. Now that I had my Bushido sword and...
Kit FitzSimons: ...my Bushido scarf and opium in my Bushido intestines, I was finally the student who'd surpassed his teacher!


PS: I realize that a great number of quotes tonight are by guest instructor Ross White. I make no apologies. Ross is the coolest person I know whom I'm not sucking up to when I say as such.

December 11, 2003, 03:38 AM


December 14, 2003, 01:38 PM
I can't remember who said these but...

Last Week:
Kirk Mason: "I'm soulmating you."

Katy Jack: "You think we should bring a child into a house of lies?"

I forget: "Does this have to do with the smoke/pilates break?"

Emotion game: "You're afflicted with love because you just saw the Care Bear Movies."

This week:
I forget: "I'm proud of you, despite what your Mom and G-d might say."

So yeah...those are some of my nominees :)

Awesome, I wish I could be there on Wednesday guys...I'll be in Pennsylvania....but, I'll be back...and with a cleared head.


Kit's Alter Ego
December 14, 2003, 10:10 PM
I can't remember who said these but...
Last Week:
I forget: "Does this have to do with the smoke/pilates break?"

That would be Ethan K, talking to Mike Bamford's Mister Get-me-my-coffee-first-and-I-don't-care-how-much-tai-chi-you-do character.


PS: How's that for a hyphenated last name?

Kit's Alter Ego
December 18, 2003, 04:25 PM
December 17, 2003

Instructor: Porter Mason
Thought of the Night:
:arrow: [b]Porter Mason: No. No. We will never have Ethan and Kit in a scene together...ever. ...So!

Porter Mason: Baaaaank. You're like, "Bank." Like, 'Let's get it over with; you know we all want it.'

Porter Mason: Okay. We're going to play 'Kill Baby Satan.'
Katy Jack: Who gets to be Baby Satan?
Ethan K: Jon Bonet Ramsey.
Porter Mason: Jon Bonet was a toddler, not a baby.

Porter Mason: I never thought about it that way: that we call it Kill Baby Satan so that you don't feel bad about killing a baby! I mean, people have always been, "Porter, kill Baby Satan," and I just hop up and do it and never really said, "Oh fun! A baby!"

Callie Peck: (clarifying the game) How intelligent is Baby Satan? How intelligent can he be?
Porter Mason: ...How intelligent? (muttered) He's a f*ckin' baby.

<Susanne MacDonna killing Baby Satan with Blest Milk> (read it aloud)

(After Kirk Mason's killing of Baby Satan:)
Susanne MacDonna: Oh! That was cute!

Andrew Hudgins, teacher: (interrogating student) Were you there when he put a snake in Jessica's pants?...And don't be dirty, you dirty birdy!

Kirk Mason, bingo player: (whisper to the caller) There's a c-note in it for you if you pull a J-7.
Ethan K, bingo caller: ...<stares>...oKay! The next ball is...J-7! J. 7.
Kirk Mason: BINGO!

Callie Peck: I love that you all think that I'm going to be famous and that you're going to be drunk in a gutter.
Chris Walter: Bamford isn't here.

Callie Peck, disgruntled video-gamer: (to co-gamer) I HATE THIS GAME!!! AND YOU YOU'RE ALWAYS HERE!!! MESSING UP...MY DISTRACTIONS!

Andrew Hudgins, pirate: Arr. It be dark out there.
Callie Peck, pirate: Aye. That is darr.

<Callie Peck's limp-noodle-like vacuum-handling>

Kirk Mason: Kids love the toy store! We could tell the kids they could stay in here for a half-hour...if they...clean the bathroom!
Katy Jack: (casually washing her hands)...I think OSHA would have a fit.

Callie Peck: No! I mean one of those Chinese restaurants where there's just the counter here...
Katy Jack:...and one table...
Callie Peck:...and the kitchen's right there!
Kirk Mason: What, you mean some Chinese person's house?

Andrew Hudgins: You know, Larry, we have ice cream shops all over this country.
PT Scarborough: Well, yeah, but we caught Saddam, so...<shrugs>
<there's a beat>

Kit FitzSimons, disgruntled employee: I am really sick and...
Susanne MacDonna, manager: (flinching back & putting on breath mask) What KIND of sickness?
Kit FitzSimons: No. No, it's...this is an emotional sickness.

Susanne MacDonna, bayou wife: Oh...honey...you and I need to smoke some weed.
Kit FitzSimons, bayou husband: ...<slowly picks up rifle, shoots raccoon> ...Shorr do.

Susanne MacDonna, bayou wife: I know lots of ways to skin a raccoon! <begins leaping and smiling and flailing at hung raccoon with huge knife>
Kit FitzSimons, bayou husband: ...Okay, I've got this sun lamp dryin' out the weed, but I gotta ask: Are you usin' that...aggression as a proxy?

Ethan K: Hey, you know Sally Mae who lives over by The Field?

Ethan K: And funny thing: they don't know who the father is!
Chris Walter: (whispering to the cow he's milking) I think he's onto us, Bessie.
Ethan K: I told you, stop talking funny to the COW!

Callie Peck: I liked how the cow kept moving.
Porter Mason: Yeah...that's the thing with cows and horses.

Porter Mason: Let's have one person come in at a time, so five people don't jump up and we're suddenly in a cat-museum-roller-coaster.


PS: Katy Jack: (sadly) Oh, Kit. Who'll write down your Golden Moments?

January 8, 2004, 01:50 PM
Class was so incredibly funny last night...

I'm just going to post a general GOLDEN CLASS award...

Until Kit posts the goldens and I'll add what I think he missed :)


Kit's Alter Ego
January 8, 2004, 08:04 PM
January 7, 2004

Instructor: Porter Mason
Thought of the Night:
:arrow: Ethan K, pickpocket extraordinaire: You know, sometimes you don't need a wallet. ...Sometimes you just need a friend.

Porter Mason: The other type of comedy pattern is like a Seinfeld conversation. You're like, "Oh. I've had this conversation...How...funny.

Porter Mason: This happens a lot: Andrew is too funny for the exercise.

Kirk Mason: We're made for each other.
<Kirk moves to lay his hand on Callie Peck's heart>
<he abruptly stops his hand inches away>
<he blinks, looks at where his hand would be>
<he places Callie's hand on his own heart>

<Ethan & Kirk are talking about their problems with chess and sick mothers when Bryan bursts in>
Bryan Cohen: I represent a chess benefit for mothers with diseases!
Ethan K: We've got chess!
Kirk Mason: And mothers with diseases!
Bryan Cohen: I've got keen hearing!

<during a 10-second Countdown scene>
PT Scarborough, father: (to son) You're not eating that, are you?
Callie Peck, mother: He eats his brains from you!

Andrew Hudgins: I'm jumproping with my Velcro shoelaces! Which...aren't...laces at all.

Andrew Hudgins: Did you get the nightcrawlers like I asked?
PT Scarborough: I forgot.
Andrew Hudgins: <holding a worm up> Then what's this?
PT Scarborough: Just....a huge...giant worm.
Andrew Hudgins: Oh...I don't mean to sound stupid, but why does this worm have legs?
PT Scarborough: <shrugs> ...It's my hobby.

Susanne MacDonna: I'm...I'm sorry! I renounce Barbie!

Jeffrey Scronce, teacher: Well, Billy, I hope you brought enough for the whole class, because if you're going to rot your teeth out, all your nasty little friends are going with you.

Kirk Mason: Here's your shipment of nails, fleshrand-reshanfrusty-...fresh and rusty.

PT Scarborough: So the cupcake's a symbol of stickball? Then why didn't I make them sticks-and-ball shapes?
Ethan K: I think that's your own innnneptitude.

Kirk Mason, Merciless: I don't think I own you! ...Let me have your finger; I'm gonna break it.

Jeffrey Scronce: Yeah, it's a dead giveaway: when you wear a loincloth made of cat, there's gonna be dead cat in there somewhere.

Porter Mason: <scoffs> You just want to say "brazen".
Chris Walter: <shrugs> It rhymes with 'raisin'.

Katy Jack: This seaside shack is going to be a big success!
PT Scarborough: Yeah, the crabs love me.
Katy Jack: Yeah, they said that about you in high school...and now I know it's true.


PS: <while PT talked with Jeffrey Scronce & stuck his own mini-recorder in Kit's face to have two conversations at once:>
Kit FitzSimons: I am not your personal TiVo! No! I am not someone's preprogrammed programming! You cannot fast forward and rewind my life! No! Screw this! I'm leaving!

January 8, 2004, 09:00 PM
For some reason I was very proud afterwards about my Captain Planet reference. I still think of that as the highlight of my evening, next to seeing Austin and eating wings.

Jeff Sconce
January 8, 2004, 10:17 PM
You were proud because all Captian Planet references are cool. Boffo timing, too.

January 8, 2004, 11:00 PM
Those are damn funny Kit...

So I'll call these the silver moments...

The runners up that just didn't get from Kit's pencil fast enough...

Callie - "You've gotta start eating less gecko and more vegetables."

(Kirk is shooting basketballs)
Callie: We're getting a divorce.
(Kirk shorts it. Looks at Callie.)
Kirk: You made me miss my shot!

(Though I agree, the finger breaking thing...awesome.)

Kit: "Your mother and I always know what we're looking for."
(Kit looks under the bed.)
Kit: Porn.

Jeff: Admire the dog!

Mike: "All that meat you fed her, she's boosoming already!"

Alrighty peeps, can't wait for next week!

Bryan " 8) " Cohen

January 9, 2004, 12:00 AM
Nice silver threads Bryan, but you'll never replace Kit in our hearts. Just like you'll never replace the time Kit and I swipped some Liguor from his mom's dresser and made out to the sounds of "Pure Moods" in his basement! Wait..... :shock: gotta go!

January 9, 2004, 09:19 AM
Replace Kit?!

I was just hoping to be #2!

That's all I'm ever shooting for!


Kit's Alter Ego
January 9, 2004, 10:05 AM
Replace Kit?!
I was just hoping to be #2!
That's all I'm ever shooting for!

Well, Bryan, I know that I'd take a Scantron test with you.


PS: Besides, nobody likes a #1 pencil; #1 pencils get slaughtered:

Kit's Alter Ego
January 15, 2004, 12:56 PM
Before I post the most recent Golden Moments, I need to add one from last week that nearly got lost:

Porter Mason: Okay, your suggestion is 'milkshake.'
< scene starts >
Kirk Mason: Well, the boys are in the yard.


PS: Ah. Pop references. They're better than yah's.
PPS: We could teach you, but we'll have to charge.

Kit's Alter Ego
January 15, 2004, 01:43 PM
January 14, 2004

Instructor: Porter Mason
Thought of the Night:
:arrow: Jeffrey Scronce aka Jeff Scronce aka JScronce is now J-Sizzle.
:arrow: It's official. Don't argue with it.

Porter Mason: Ted, are you married?
Kevin Nesnow: No. I'm not married. That makes picking up girls on...scuba-diving...dates that much easier.

< scene starts >
< Kevin Nesnow waxing something >
< Susanne MacDonna enters, swimming >
< beat >
Kevin Nesnow: Hey, be careful! You're swimming too close to my buoy!

Kevin Nesnow, snorkeling instructor: Okay, we'll start with the frontal breaststroke. Like this...
Susanne MacDonna, student: I'd be more comfortable if you guided my hands.

Eric Martin, Canadian sports star: You probably remember me. I won the Bronze for Logrolling at the 1987 Lumberjack Olympics. ...If it hadn't been for those 2 Kenyan brothers, I'd have my face on a box of cereal right now.

Porter Mason: Wait. You still live in Saskatchewan?
Eric Martin: Yes. My father always said you should always stay close enough to see the smoke from your family's...bonfire. ......In Saskatchewan, I actually could have moved farther away.

Chris Walter, Canadian executive: It's not a name-brand cereal, now. It's one of those Harris Teeter types.
Eric Martin, Canadian sports star: Oh yeah. Prime Minister's Choice, right?

Chris Walter: Okay, now if you do it the conventional way--and I strongly disrecommend it!--...

Porter Mason: Can you give us a short summary of one of your stories?
J-Sizzle, goth plumber: You know H.P. Lovecraft? ...I wrote 'Cthulhu: The Sequel.' It's about a squid-faced-chipmunk world-conqueror. ...But he falls in love with the mermaid princess.

EthanK: I was just wondering if you wanted to come to the next anime convention.
J-Sizzle: You...you'd have to have a pack of wild jackals chained to my bloody corpse and drag me.
EthanK: Well, funny you should say that; I was going to dress up as a wolf!

Andrew Hudgins, plumber's assistant: Boss, should I get started on the sink?
J-Sizzle, goth plumber: < heavy sigh > It's no use...the sink is lost to us.

< after several suggestions have come from combining two into one >
Porter Mason: What should Andrew's occupation be?
Mike Bamford: Civil War Reinacter!
Susanne MacDonna: Plotting to take over the government!
Porter Mason: Um...I guesssss...plotting to, uh...
Kevin Nesnow: The Confederacy!

Andrew Hudgins, honorary general: Well, danger's in my blood; my granddaddy fought the British...my sons...are fighting...tuberculosis...

Porter Mason: Okay, Bug, how old are you?
Austin Nava, Bug: I'm...sorta...between ages right now.

< paparazzi during the time of Christ >
Susanne MacDonna & Kirk Mason, paparazzi: < various > Jesus! Tell us, are you really the Son of God? Did you turn water into wine?
Bryan Cohen, Mary: Leave him alone! He's just a baby!
Susanne MacDonna, paparazzi: Mary, were you really a virgin?

< Marie Antoinette at the filming of the moon landing >
EthanK: Uh, this is Houston. We, uh, have something on our screens that's coming right for you guys.
< Kirk Mason & Kit FitzSimons, astronauts, look up >
Kirk Mason, astronaut: It...it looks like...Marie Antoinette!
< Kit FitzSimons reaches up and grabs head out of air and holds it under his arm >

<fisherman during the Bush election miscount >
EthanK: ...Yar. That be a hanging chad.

< Paris Hilton during the Cuban Missile Crisis >
Mike Bamford, Paris Hilton: Oh NO! I'm gonna mess up my Versace!
Katy Jack, JFK: < frustrated, looking at Mike > Oh, great. I'm gonna have to watch this all night.


PS: As soon as I find my headphones so I can listen to Decker in the library, I'll post the rest of the Golden Moments.

Kit's Alter Ego
January 15, 2004, 04:35 PM
Decker has let slip the Golden Moments of war! Observe:

< scene starts >
< J-Sizzle drops a jar >
J-Sizzle: Great. Now what are we going to give grandma for a present?
Kirk Mason: Dead fireflies.

EthanK: Of course, I can fly. You think I could levitate stuff and not fly?!
Chris Walter: I'm sorry. I never should have doubted you, Thomas.
EthanK: Yeah! You know, you doubted me in Nazareth, you doubted me in Galilee...

Mike Bamford: There's a thin line between a thin girl and a fat girl.

Kit FitzSimons: But haven't you...seen this movie a lot of times before?
Kirk Mason, 'Blade Runner' addict named Harrison: Uh, yeah. But you never see it all. You just see more and more things every time. It's like the Bible.


PS: It wouldn't have taken so long if I hadn't been dumb and whispered all of the above into the mike. Sheesh, next time, I'll just disrupt class outright.

PPS: Kidding, Ethan, kidding.

PPPS: Oh, and Porter too. Yeah.

Kit's Alter Ego
January 21, 2004, 05:30 PM
Okay, seriously, when I said tell me if I spell names wrong, I'm fairly sure I meant it. :?

Since I have to commute in <checks watch> fifteen minutes ago, I won't go back through the posts in this thread and correct. Instead, I'll issue the following statement:

It's Andrew Hutson, Kit!


PS: That is all.
PPS: Andrew Hutson bangbangbang. See? I know it.

Porter Mason
January 22, 2004, 02:10 AM
Can I just say, before any Goldent Moments are posted, that I left class feeling so great today.

I know that talking about strengths and weaknesses took a while (because there are 1.2 million of you in 202) but it was so nice to hear that outpouring of positive energy for each and every person in the room. Plus, you all each had such clear goals that you wanted to improve on, that it made the "weaknesses" section smooth and still, somehow, positive.

And though we didn't get to do as much scenework as I'd've liked (because there are 1.2 million of you) every scene we did was so great to watch. Each of you really did what was asked of you, and really got a step closer to conquering a weakness. It was beautiful to watch.

Kudos, DSI Winter 202, kudos. It was a great 5 of 6 weeks, and I'll miss ya!

January 22, 2004, 09:46 AM
Aw, Porter, we'll miss you too. But we'll always have great memories, and Kit's golden moments.

I was going to post a song, but I felt it wouldn't be appropriate.

January 22, 2004, 11:05 AM
but, my last name is Hutson, not Hudgins. Though I could try it on for size - it kind of has a nice ring to it.

Kit's Alter Ego
January 22, 2004, 12:26 PM
but, my last name is Hutson, not Hudgins. Though I could try it on for size - it kind of has a nice ring to it.


All I can say is that I hope that Andrew read my post before typing this. That way I could laugh with him instead of screaming and exploding my own head with a Molotov V8.


PS: Andrew & Kit: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
(I hope)

January 22, 2004, 01:20 PM
Kit: No worries, I'm reallynot that sensitive *sniff*. Just glad to get a little press.

Porter: I really enjoyed the class and can truly say I learned a boatload (read: shitload, buttload, crapload, lots). I think I've improved an awful lot as a playa in the past weeks. Thanks for all of your help.

January 22, 2004, 01:21 PM
oh and 202 classmates: I've truly enjoyed playing with you all as well, and look forward to more in 303! Thanks for all the fun.

Kit's Alter Ego
January 22, 2004, 01:21 PM
January 21, 2003

Instructor: Porter Mason
:arrow: 120 Minutes of The Good The Bad & The Ugly
:arrow: Scenes Dedicated To Curing The Ugly
Thought of the Night:
:arrow: Susanne MacDonna: I was driving home, and I was like, "Wow. That. Was improv."

From 120 Minutes of The Good The Bad & The Ugly:
Porter Mason: No, yeah, that's why when I think of Katy Jack, I picture a praying mantis.

Mike Bamford: In our 101 class, Chris [Walter] actually took off his shirt, and Ross was like, "STOP! You don't have to really do it!"
Katy Jack ...I totally missed the wrong 101 class.

Mike Bamford: (to Kit FitzSimons) You introduce all this stuff to the scene...and you never forget it. You remember all that stuff 'til the end of the scene...well, until the end of time, probably, but yeah.

Chris Walter: Sometimes Mike Bamford scares me...but the fear is love.

Porter Mason: It was the f*ckin' first day of class, and you two were willing to make out with some guy you'd never met before!
Bryan Cohen: < shrugs > It'd been a rough day.

Bryan Cohen: (to Callie Peck) Didn't you have alien sex?
Callie Peck: Yes. We had alien sex.
Andrew Hutson: Anyway. The point is...

Bryan Cohen: (to Eric Martin) Were you in that scene? You were sorta yourself...a little evil, but yourself.

Porter Mason: (to J-Sizzle) Oh! We've been calling you that [J-Sizzle] so much, I looked at the paper and I'm like, "Jeff? Who's that?"

From Scenes Dedicated To Curing The Ugly:
<while fishing>
Andrew Hutson: Dad called me about the will. He said I should tell you what he and mom decided.
Eric Martin: What'd they say?
Andrew Hutson: ...I...don't really know...if...we've fished long enough.

Andrew Hutson: I didn't write the will; I'm just going to the party.

<about marrying two sisters>
J-Sizzle, brother 1: But we're brothers! If...one of us gets married first, is...is that incest?
Katy Jack, brother 2: <scoffs> We'll have a double wedding, dude!

<about her secret office relationship>
Susanne MacDonna: But we really can't let the boss know. We have to compartmentalize.

<while Porter's trying to find Callie Peck an appropriate scene partner>
Bryan Cohen: I've gotta warn you: if you pick me, we're gonna have sex right away.

<after a long caring conversation during which a boss breaks it to an employee that the company's moving to India, but the employee won't be joining it there>
Eric Martin, caring boss: <consoling> We'll...we'll find you a new job! I'll personally help you get one! I mean, I know you really well, having worked with you for 25 years, so I know we can get you another job like that!
Callie Peck, employee: <looks up through tears, blinks twice> But...but I was going to go to India. <breaks into sobs>

Callie Peck: Can I be an elephant trainer?
Eric Martin: I...I think you have to be born into it. I don't think there's a community college course on How To Switch From Middle Management To Elephant Training.
< Callie starts sobbing >
Eric Martin: But we'll make you one! We will!

<after a quick post-scene leap-into-his-lap from Callie Peck>
Bryan Cohen: I'm glad I don't have on pants with a zipper.

PT Scarborough: No, no, I think we should talk about this; this is the first time we've opened up all week.
Bryan Cohen: Yeah, I love opening the store.
Bryan Cohen: Oh, you meant our relationship!

PT Scarborough: Yeah, an Old Trend.
Bryan Cohen: What did you say?
PT Scarborough: Nuthin'.
PT Scarborough: <punches Bryan's shoulder affectionately> I said "Old Trend."

Bryan Cohen, daddy: Sorry, daddy forgets things when he's plotting.
Mike Bamford, son: Were you plotting when you forgot my birthday?
Bryan Cohen: (immediately) Yes.

Mike Bamford: Julie tried to kiss me on the monkeybars, and I kicked her! And then they sent me to the office, and I said, "Call my dad; he'll understand." --Because you did the same thing to Mom. ...I said I'd buy Julie a TV, but it didn't work for me.

8) :? 8) :? :shock: :? 8) :? 8)

And that's it, folks! This incarnation of DSI202 is over. Stay tuned for further updates on future classes, and there's always the entire forum (http://dirtysouthimprov.com/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=12) dedicated to recording Dirty South Golden Moments for you to reread and reenjoy! Excelsior!


PS: It has been dubbed "The Jennings Hole." (EthanK: It's like the Judas Hole on a door!)

PPS: For those who don't understand the PS, take a DSI class; you will.

January 22, 2004, 02:06 PM
Later tonight...

Bryan Cohen's Platinum moments!

Be WARE!!!