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September 21, 2004, 03:56 PM
I am describing below some activities that will be occurring in and around the Triangle area on weekends at various events and shopping malls starting Sunday, September 19. We've heard from the NC Democratic Party HQ that political performance art has a positive effect on Getting Out The Vote, so in addition to having a lot of fun, we believe we are contributing to a positive outcome on November 2. It is our intention to send a positive message about Kerry. Why am I sending this to you? I'm recruiting participants!

Maybe you'd like to help carry around one of the clothes lines? One holds Bush's Dirty Laundry, while the other urges folks to Come Clean With Kerry.
Or perhaps you'd like to ride in the Kerryvan? The first vehicle, a convertible, will be carrying Billionaires for Bush who will be thanking everyone else for cutting their taxes. The second vehicle, a pickup truck, will be carrying working people holding signs with positive Kerry messages.
If you can run fast (ahem), you might want to participate in a guerrilla street performance such as carrying an oversized syringe to immunize others against Bush's October Surprise so they are able to make rational decisions on Election Day. Or maybe you'd like to be more powerful and fire people whose jobs are being outsourced for corporate tax credits, then yell out "Vote for Kerry" as you quickly depart.

Please do email (francineless@nc.rr.com) or call me (806-3303) if you would like to participate in any or all of the above. Soon!

September 28, 2004, 03:46 PM
Has anyone contacted Francine about this?

We had Voter Registration out at 24live thanks to Andrew Hutson (which I took advantage of to update my NC status). I encourage everyone to get out there and do everything you can to rock the vote DSI style.

Zach Ward