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September 17, 2004, 01:22 PM
y'all missed out big time last year. I fully expect DSI community to represent hard at the 2004 Iron Scav. I am expecting close to 20 teams this year. It's gonna be audacious.

Here is the official invite from the event organizers - Adult Diaper Cowboy and Toilet Paper Mummy. Let me know if you have a team and/or questions.



Adult Diaper Cowboy and Toilet Paper Mummy hereby request your prescence and unbridled participation in the 2004 IRON SCAV!

Mark your calendars, assemble your legal team, and notify your loved ones - the gathering draws near.

2004 Iron Scav Fall Classic - November 13th 4:00pm
place TBA

Last year, we had over 50 contestants in the event and the best top to bottom field ever. This year, we will of course be taking this phantasmagoric photo hunt to new heights with new categories, more audience participation, and new artistic carnage. ADC and TPM encourage you to recruit others for this event. New blood is always welcome.

As in years before, teams will consist of up to 5 people. Each team will need a digital camera. There will be a $5 entry fee per competitor. This will cover booze, poultry, trophy augmentation, and supplies.
Contestants will have approximately 6 hours to complete their photo hunt missions. Viewings, trophy presentation, and adrenal revelry will be held at a local watering hole and last well into the night.

Start assembling your team now. All-girl TeamNYC (tied for 3rd in 2003) has already booked their flights down to NC to take a shot at bringing the trophy back to Gotham. Who do you want in the trenches with you?

As always, please understand that at our current rate of contest escalation, death, injury, or capture could prove 2004 to be the last year of Iron Scav.

to sign up your team, ask questions, or suggest missions please email e at t hyphen me dot org.

See you November 13th.

Yours in Mayhem,

Adult Diaper Cowboy and Toilet Paper Mummy

p.s. If you have never experienced Iron Scav, check out these fine resources on the world wide web:

Iron Scav 2003, "One Shining Moment" video recap (http://www.bedirty.com/videos/2003iscavOSMoments_320x240.mov)
1998 Summer Classic (http://homepage.mac.com/johnywishbone/PhotoAlbum4.html)
IronScav.com (http://www.ironscav.com)

November 5, 2004, 03:56 PM
we are only 8 days away from Iron Scav 2004. if you are interested in being on a team, have already assembled a team, or have questions... hit me up. It's going to be insane this year. I just got word that several old school players/teams are coming out of the woodwork/costa rican jungle to see if they can reclaim past glory.


November 9, 2004, 12:56 PM
this year's IRON SCAV will be inspired by Chapel Hill Blues legend and Pink Floyd namesake Floyd Council (http://www.nationmaster.com/encyclopedia/Floyd-Council). We will also be raising a little money/awareness for Music Maker Relief Foundation (http://www.musicmaker.org/). but rest assured, these somewhat altruistic motives will only add to the mayhem we create and capture.

IRON SCAV 2004 will start this saturday, November 13th at 4pm. The starting point will be at my apartment 603 oaktree dr. in chapel hill (http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?country=US&countryid=US&addtohistory=&searchtype=address&cat=&address=603%20Oak%20Tree%20Dr&city=Chapel%20Hill&state=NC&zipcode=27517%2d4072)

just to whet your appetite and prime the pump, here is the entire list from the 2003 Iron Scav Hunt.

Fire up a team, or let me know you are planning on competeing and I'll hook you up with a worthy team.

2003 list:

Ass of el rodeo employee (4)
Teaching a yoga or aerobics class (7)
Barnes and Noble wearing nothing but 2 trashcan lids (7)
On Top shelf of home depot (7)
Smoking cigars inside Wellspring (3 per group member, 2pt bonus if you sit down and play cards)
Standing in the middle of I-40 with a “world will end tomorrow sign” (5)
Bonus is all classics are completed (10)

Most disturbing sign change (12)
Best Use of stuffing (8)
Most disturbing picture of a stranger eating a Popsicle (6)
Best picture using your group’s holiday product (6)
Best picture of Mascots terrorizing Southern Village (8)
Best Mascot Battle (10)
Best dry humping of holiday Decorations (6)
Best use of Exercise Equipment not for exercising (6)
Picture of Scaver “indian leg wrestling” the Meanest-looking stranger (8)
Best picture of scaver Arm-wrestling senior citizen (6)
Best picture frolicking in leaves (6)
Oldest person drinking wild turkey (6)
Oldest person giving the finger (6)
Youngest person giving the finger (6)
Group with the most pictures kissing someone of opposite sex over 65 (10)
Best Olympic torch relay down Franklin St. (10)
Best picture with a “hand-turkey” painting. Think back to 1st grade arts and crafts) (5)
Best picture with Spam and a condom (5)
Best non-traditional use of a leaf blower (6)
Most strangers playing Leap frog (6)
Best Public Baptism (8)
Biggest Human Pyramid (10)
Picture with the most people inside a El Camino/ca-truck
Best Crowd Surfing (8)
Best protesting scene at a mall (10)
Best in-store art. (i.e. building a cinderblock pyramid inside Home depot) (15)
Best use of sign (posterboard, t-shirt, etc.):
“I am the American Dream”(8)
“I fingered Paris Hilton”(8)

Freestyle section: Anything goes. We will be judging for boldness, artistry, and holiday love

1st place (20)
2nd place (15)
3rd place (10)

Wild Turkey

***All drinks must be taken directly from the bottle.
fireman (in uniform) drinking Wild Turkey (4)
power company employee drinking Wild Turkey (4)
person with a mullet drinking Wild Turkey (4)
someone drinking Wild Turkey in a canoe (4)
someone drinking Wild Turkey on a church altar (4)


in Body Bag (6)
in Open Grave (6)
in Casket (6)
in Morgue Drawer (6)
in Hearse (6)
with Goth Girls (4)

Good Citizens

Mowing a stranger’s lawn(5)
Helping someone move-in or move-out (6)
Eating leftovers from a stranger’s fridge, in their kitchen (6)
Donating blood (5)
Being an official greeter at Wal-mart, must have vest on (4)
Mascot feeding birds or squirrels (1)
Helping an old lady across the street (2)
Cleaning a stranger’s windshield at a stoplight (2)
Washing dishes in a restaurant (4)
Lifting a stranger’s car off the ground with them inside it (5)
Picture of lobsters in store-tank after they have been liberated from their oppressive rubber bands (8)
Scaver with a strange cat in their arms (2)
vacuuming at a stranger’s house (4)
Spoonfeeding your group’s holiday product to a stranger. (3)
Spoonfeeding your group’s holiday product to an animal (3)
Cleaning Up Roadkill (4 pts per instance, 7pts for deer)

Working at a road construction site, must be wearing hard hat and vest (6)
Bonus if actually using the stop/slow sign (2)

In the past, ADC and TPM have tormented golfers and their territory. This year we are even feeling fellowship with the faithful artisans of this fine sport:

Retrieving a ball from a golf course water hazard (5)
Bonus if you have a picture where you return it to a stranger (2)
Mascot helping stranger with their golfing technique (4)
Collecting Balls at a driving Range and returning them to their owner (6)

Interpretation of each song on soundtrack (judges will award 5-10)
Best overall interpretation of a Song (20)

At least 4 different mammals in the picture (not counting humans) (5)
Behind the wheel of a 18 wheeler (5)
Picture of crack (8)
Entire Team on a bunk bed (5)
Team playing melon baseball (6)
Team car on a car carrier (10)
Mascot touching a stranger’s nipple (4)
licking a stranger’s arm pit (no children) (6)
chugging a jar of applesauce in store. (6)
gargling with liquid bubbles (must actually make bubbles) (7)
In stirrups at a doctor’s office (6)
Riding Hippity-Hoppity (big bouncing ball with handle) (5)
Cooking a hot pocket in the oven of a restaurant (6)
Soft serve ice cream/frogurt right out of the machine (5)
Petting a pit bull (4)
Measuring the wingspan of a police officer (6)
Mascot on a stranger’s shoulders (4)
Car driver stranger giving the finger (1pt each person)
Taking a pitch in a Batting cage (i.e. you have to let it hit you) (6)
Porn on t.v. in store (8)
Using a shower at a truck stop (6)
Up in a tree stand hunting chair inside Wal-mart (8)
Mascot on horseback (5)
Hands across Franklin St. Must have a chain of people holding hands across the entire width of Franklin st. (8)
On top of News Van. (6)
Bonus if group member being interviewed for evening news. (5)

Go to a movie theater and get the people before the movie to :
(must be a minimum of 25 people in the theater)

Stand in their seats (up to 8)
Give the camera the finger (up to 10)
Turn and face one of the side walls. ( up to 8)
Note : judge will give points based on % of people doing activity.

Two team members inside of a dryer (7)
Your hosts: Bad-Haircut Indian and Hospital Gown pilgrim will be somewhere outside in downtown Chapel Hill between 5:30 and 7:30pm:
If you get a picture of them (6)
If you physically catch them and get a picture (12)

Pumpkin in every picture (must be over 1ft in width, none of these min cooper pumpkins). (8)
Every group member in the shot (1pt for each pic) Note: if you take someone with you the whole time who takes your pictures that doesn’t count

November 11, 2004, 05:03 PM
In keeping with this year's theme, the 2004 Iron Scav after party will be held at the home of the Blue Cups, He's Not Here.

Ah, scav hunt photos on the big screen, 32oz cups of beer...it doesn't get much better than that.

The party will start at 10pm, w/ free beer. If you can't make it for the hunt itself (you'd be cooler if you did), come and hang at He's Not and check out all the crazy photos. You definitely don't want to miss the one shining moment slideshow.

there's still plenty of time to round up a team if you haven't already.

November 17, 2004, 10:07 AM
Post the list from this year!

November 17, 2004, 12:16 PM
The 2004 Iron Scav List
(Winners/Pictures/Video will be up soon)

The official “Mascots” are Adult Diaper Cowboy and Toilet Paper Mummy (referred to as “Mascots” from here on)
Teams MUST stay together
Don’t drink and Drive
Don’t piss in department stores!
Shitty pictures won’t count. Get the shot!
Pictures may only be used once.
If you catch any member of another team on camera
That team loses (8)
“stranger” may not be used in more than 3 photos
Creativity will be rewarded, but not cop-outs.

•Ass of el rodeo employee (4)
•Teaching a yoga or aerobics class (7)
•Barnes and Noble wearing nothing but 2 trashcan lids (7)
•Entire Team On Top shelf of home depot (10)
•Smoking cigars inside Wellspring (2 per group member, 2pt bonus if you sit down and play cards)
•Porn on t.v. in store (8)
•Team playing melon baseball (6)
•Up in a tree stand hunting chair inside Wal-mart (8), must be sitting.
Bonus is all classics are completed (10)

•Best Grocery Aisle Canned Food Pyramid (difficulty=types of food and levels of pyramid) (6)
•Most Disturbing Sign Change (15)
•Best Mascot Battle (10)
•Best picture of team member in Mid-air (8)
•Free-standing human structure (10)
•Greatest technical achievment. (8)
•Best picture in the trunk of a car (6)
•Best picture of team in a display window as a display (6)
•Biggest dogpile, must involve strangers (6)
•Oldest couple kissing (6)
•most people in a bathroom stall (8)
•Best stranger holding up a haiku they’ve written (6)
•Most disturbing book found at a stranger’s house(4)
•Best posing as a mannequin(6)
•Best picture of the entire team in a stranger’s bed(6)
•Best instore pillow fight (6)
•Tallest building being pissed off of.(6)
•Oldest person giving the finger (6)
•Youngest person giving the finger (6)
•Best Olympic torch relay down Franklin St. (10)
•Best in-store art. (i.e. building a cinderblock pyramid inside Home depot) (15)
•Best use of sign (posterboard, t-shirt, etc.):
“I fingered Ashley Simpson”(8)
•Team with the most pictures of people giving the finger (10)
•Team with the most pictures kissing people over 65. On the lips counts triple.(10)
•Team with the most pictures of strangers eating holiday prodcut (8)

•Best picture of Bathrobe Tycoon trying to bribe someone.(10)
•Bathrobe Tycoon in a showroom car.(4)
•Bathrobe Tycoon getting a room at the Sienna(4)
•Best picture of Bathrobe Tycoon being waited on (8)
•Bathrobe Tycoon in a tattoo parlor choosing a tattoo (4)
•Bathrobe Tycoon condescending to security. (8)
•Bathrobe Tycoon In stirrups at a doctor’s office (7)
•Kid kicking Bathrobe Tycoon in the balls. (8)
•Best picture of Bathrobe Tycoon Arm-wrestling senior citizen (6)

•in Open Grave (6)
•in Coffin (6)
•in Hearse (6)
•with Goth Girls (4)
•Team member at any official highway sign pointing the way
to or giving the distance to Valhalla, North Carolina.(6)
•Priest performing last rights on a team member. (8)
•Best Death of Bathrobe Tycoon(10)

•Laying a flower at the final resting place of the following blues greats:
(all of these are local and their locations are readily availible on the internets. when exact grave location is unsure, lay flower in cemetary)
-Floyd Council - "Dipper Boy" (10)
-Fulton 'Blind Boy Fuller' Allen* (8)
-Willie Trice (6)
-Richard Trice (6)

•A team member helping to carry a stranger's groceries. (5)
•Eating past experriration date item in stranger’s house(6)
•Mascot feeding birds or squirrels (1)
•Helping an old lady across the street (2)
•Cleaning a stranger’s windshield at a stoplight (2)
•Picture of lobsters in store-tank after they have been liberated from their oppressive rubber bands (8)
•Brushing a stranger’s teeth (6)
•Licking a strangers feet (6)
•Best Musicmaker.org sticker tag (10)

•”light at the end of the tunnel”
•“rivals shaking hands”
•“Does this fit, Mr(s) Store Clerk?”
•”Anyway you want it, that’s the way you need it.”

•saddest dog (4)
•saddest election relted photo (6)
•saddest picture inside a fountain (4)
•saddest picture of a stranger (4)

Freestyle section
Anything goes. We will be judging for boldness, artistry, and holiday love

•1st place (20)
•2nd place (15)
•3rd place (10)

• the david hasselhoff door in hinton james dormatory (6)
•stranger with their legs behind their head (6)
•human bowling at a bowling lane (8)
•Picketing the RBC with NHL signage of choice (ex. "I will play for $50K") (6)
•lifting a stranger’s car off the ground with them in it.(4)
•Team member smoking a hookah (6)
•trying to catch a chicken (4)
•team standing on a surfboard. (4)
•Bartender tossing bottle in air, "Cocktail" style.(2)
•Petting cows (4)
•Team member in a clean room suit (6)
•underwater computer (2)
•police officer giving team member a piggy back ride (6)
•team member wearing pajamas with feet (3)

Power ups:
•all team members have blue fingernail polish (10)
•pumpkin is in every shot (10)

December 2, 2004, 02:47 PM
The 2004 results are FINALLY tabulated, and the "Iron Scab Cup" is now in the hands of these fine human beings...

2004 Iron Scav Grand Champions:
Eric Drowatzky
Larry Howard
Jennifer O'Bryan
Peter O'Bryan
Callie Peck
Dana Soady
Heidi White
Ross White

check out the "one shining moment" (http://www.bedirty.com/videos/2004ironscav_moment.mov) video highlights to see their glorious performance.

The competition was heavy and battle for first place was incredibly tight, but the rookie DSI team managed to upset both last year's silver and bronze medal teams to seal the victory. Congratulations. Way to represent! Adult Diaper Cowboy and Toilet Paper Mummy are very proud of you.

Iron Scav will return in 2005 for a special 10th anniversary extravaganza!

December 2, 2004, 08:26 PM
oh man, who's boobs are those with the music maker on? I have my guess, but it may be wrong.

December 2, 2004, 08:37 PM
i think they're ross's. HAAYOOOO!

December 2, 2004, 08:44 PM
Ross you're fucking hot dude.