View Full Version : THE BEATBOX latenight, monthly 3rd Saturday (chicago)

September 14, 2004, 03:24 AM

proudly announces the latenight offering
THE BEATBOX (http://dirtysouthimprov.com/beatbox) - the fusion of Hip Hop and Improv Comedy!

the third Saturday of every month DSI Chicago will host a show at The Playground Theater during the After Party slot (the Saturday Midnight set). During the months of September and October that will be DSI's THE BEATBOX, hot from Toronto and NYC this summer. Check 'em out for only $5 if you're part of the improv crew.

WHAT: DSI's THE BEATBOX (http://dirtysouthimprov.com/beatbox) @ The After Party
LOCATION: The Playground Theater (http://the-playground.com), 3209 N Halsted Ave Chicago
DATE: Saturday Sept 18th
TIME: 12:15am

COST: $10 / $5 for improv peeps

Check it out this weekend!

Come hang with the Beatbox crew and *NEW* cast member Dave Ries.


Rene "DJflip" Duquesnoy
Zach "DRpepper" Ward