View Full Version : I wasn't joking! I have proof!

Zack Bly
November 23, 2003, 10:53 PM
I may have, in my time with DSi, explained to some of you that there was indeed a JOURNEY video game for the atari 2600 system, and that I had it as a child. Some of you may not have believed me. Now, without a shadow of a doubt, I present to you in its full unrivaled glory, the cover and part of the manual for the smash hit JOURNEY - ESCAPE Video Game cartridge.


You must lead all 5 members of JOURNEY through waves of pesky characters and backstage obstacles to the Scarab Escape Vehicle before time runs out. You must also protect $50,000 in concert cash from grasping groupies, photographers, and promoters.

Band Members (lumpy looking guy in jeans and green shirt) --- All JOURNEY Band Members - drummer Steve Smith, keyboard player Jonathan Cain, bass player Ross Valory, lead guitarist Neal Schon, and lead singer Steve Perry, are counting on -you- to lead them to their escape vehicle. It won't be easy. As JOURNEY says, "Some will win, some will lose..."

Escape Vehicle (kind of like a beetle, or shield) -- JOURNEY's Scarab - The famous Scrab Escape vehicle, featured on JOURNEY's hit album "Escape," is waiting for you. Can you get there will all 5 members of JOURNEY?

And I swear above all else that when you first started up the game it played a crummy 4-bit rendition of the famous piano intro to "don't stop believing"

November 24, 2003, 12:19 AM
I always knew there was a video game, but I could never find it! Thank you Zack for showing us the light.